The one where Charlie Clausen REVEALS ALL about the rigors of auditioning and casting, what it’s like to survive between gigs, and what it was like to hear the first Guest Charlie on TOFOP. He’s also very sharp on when quizzed about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and reveals exactly what vegetable Jules Lund is most like.

Naturally we talk about his new podcast That’s Aweson, Kirk Cameron, Mr Bad on E Street, Twin Peaks and talk about his first time to LA Podfest last year. We also dive into why you should attend this amazingly cool podcasting event!

More love means more podcast – thanks heaps for your support and sharing when it comes out. Make sure you let Charlie know you heard him on #MTTpod because sharing is caring, and what this city needs is a better class of podcaster.

In this episode…
* News
* Pick A Box Of Pot Luck
* Couched Time
* Credits



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