The one where Celia Pacquola and Chris Wainhouse share their about their earliest TV memories, wonder what ever happened to the Tannum Sands Rydges Pizza Oven, and reveal all sorts of secrets about their careers (who wrote for Big Brother and who is writing a new sitcom?!). There’s lots of fun to be had and, as always, your feedback is welcomed (particularly with the new format so don’t be shy! Hit me up on Twitter (@MolksTVTalk) or leave a comment on the post on – and encourage other TV tragics to subscribe on iTunes! WARNING: There’s also talk of “The List”.

In this episode…
* News
* Video On Demand: (Phil Wilmington/Nine News Brisbane)
* Couched Time
* Pick A Box of Pot Luck
* Roll Credits

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Celia Pacquola

Chris Wainhouse

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