It’s coming, and it looks a little car accident-y. Please Marry My Boy will either offer up a clash of family values or a mummy’s boy getting what he deserves. Either way, you probably won’t be able to turn away.

From the press release:

Four Aussie blokes on the search for love get a helping hand from the matchmaker who knows them better than anyone: their mum!

Unlucky in love? Not if mum has anything to do with it! They say mother knows best and Seven’s Please Marry My Boy hosted by Ada Nicodemou is about to test the theory when four mums are given the chance to find their unlucky-in-love sons the girl of their dreams.

The romantic experiment captured by cameras has mum firmly in the driving seat, controlling nearly every aspect of the unfolding courtship, beginning with the all-important speed date selection process. Together, the mums and sons meet 10 gorgeous girls before the mums select their top three candidates. The chosen girls are then given the unexpected news; they are moving in with
the son and his mum!

Like any fledging romance, there are bumps along the way – bad dates, clashes with extended family and of course, disagreements with the future in-laws. It’s also under mum’s roof that the girls learn a few hard lessons about love. But what exactly makes the perfect partner? And what happens when mum’s ideal choice for her son doesn’t match his penchant for bikini clad models?

Opinions clash, emotions flare and it’s an on-going negotiation between mother and son. Is the perfect partner lively and loud or quietly confident? Romantic or practical? Career or family focused?… Capricorn or Virgo? And just when relationships are beginning to develop, mum steps in to send one girl packing, leaving two girls to battle it out for her son’s affection.

Then it’s time for the mums to break all-important news; which girl have they chosen for their son? Will it be the same girl he has chosen? Please Marry My Boy is an original ITV Studios format
produced locally by Granada Media Australia.

The series features:
Matt Kenny (28, refrigeration and air-conditioning technician) & mum Karen (53, high school teacher and mother of seven)

Tony Turco (35, manager for an international transport company) & mum Elva (57, homemaker, wife, mother of three and charity worker)

Brendan Smith (32, audio visual business owner) & mum Anne (58, retired fast-food franchise owner, wife and mother of three)

Vlad Lalic (30, banking executive) & mum Milena (57, retired deli owner, wife and mother of two)