Please Marry My Boy – the finale

It was touching, awkward, heart-breaking and unintentionally hilarious – and it looks like at least one of the couples may have even found love. Without question the best moment was when Liz fronted Milena about her treatment while living in Milena’s house. She’s a straight forward girl and there was no reason the questions should not have been asked… surprise! That Ch7 are already casting for season 2 is no surprise, but now that everyone knows the hook, will they want to apply? We’ll all certainly enjoy it if they do. From the press release:

Fighting back tears after hearing the eight remaining girls’ final emotional pleas, Please Marry My Boy mums Anne, Karen, Milena and Elva delivered their verdicts in tonight’s season finale.

In the highly-charged episode, Brisbane mum Elva stood her ground, choosing 26-year-old yoga instructor Magdalena over blonde bombshell Tammy Lee – despite her son Tony’s enduring attraction to the Barbie look-a-like. Justifying her decision in the episode, the mother of three said: “It’s OK to step in if you can see your child heading in the wrong direction – it’s a mother’s job to do that – it doesn’t matter what age they are.”

“I was faced with two very different women with very different circumstances,” said Elva. “I made my choice by looking at who would give him a better future. What made it hard was knowing how Tammy felt about Tony and yet I couldn’t choose her.”

Serbian mum Milena’s fondness for 22-year-old Croatian student Andrea was confirmed when she announced the part-time barista had “won her heart” and was the “perfect match” for her 30-year-old son Vlad. The 30-year-old banking executive welcomed his mother’s choice of Andrea saying “I feel good about the decision. I think there is something there.”

In a surprise to viewers, 26-year-old Sydney hair and make-up artist Liz used her final plea speech to confront Milena about the way she treated her, saying she felt Milena opened her “home,” but not her “heart.” “I don’t know whether it’s because I’m not Serbian, but I felt that it was a little bit like that and I’m sorry to say that, but that’s how I felt,” said Liz.

‘Little’ Anna’s ‘openness’ gave her the edge over 26-year-old Sydney executive assistant Edwina with mum Anne choosing the 25-year-old fitness instructor as a match for her son Brendan.

On hearing Anne’s final decision ‘Little’ Anna said: “I was really happy and relieved. This experience has given me a new best friend and a boyfriend. . . What more could I want.” “I’m looking forward to starting a proper relationship with Brendan – just me and Brendan, no other girls involved!”

High school teacher Karen said both girls had become like daughters before announcing her choice of call centre manager Amanda for her son Matt, over 25 year-old public servant Koa. “My Mathew has found love. If everything goes ok, don’t be surprised, we could have a wedding in the near future,” said Karen about the newly minted couple.

Casting is underway for a new series of Please Marry My Boy – for all details log onto

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  1. As we were unable to watch show this morning after last nights episode we just want to know who ended up staying together and who has gone thier way thanks
    will it go to air other than what was on tv this morning

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  2. Milena is one deeply disturbed lady. Looks like Vlad will be “alone” for life – although I’m gathering that’s the plan. Vlad knows his nutcase Mum will scare the girls away, he goes on TV and gets 5 mins of fame in the hope of raising his profile and continuing on with his bachelor life having Mummy wipe his ass for him. Did I mention disturbing? :-)

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    • I totally agree with you MJ also I would like to add no.1 antone at that age that still lives with their mother at that age is a whimp and that aint healthy. 2nd who wants to be with someone like that ( a boy )……Just stay with mummy please !!! YUK

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  3. amanda and matt were perfect for eachother! i’m so devestated that they split only a week or so after the production ended! they look so good for eachother! there was so much chemistry.. i could see cupid in the air!
    i will have a breakdown if they don’t get back together!!!!!!!! Matt and amanda, i hope your listening!

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  4. What can you say about Mellina? Her main aim is to find a serbian girl for her little boy. That is the only criteria. She will soon relise that second generation serbian girls are no different from Aussue girls. Andrea seemed to me like a complete brat. Nobody will be good enough for her little prince and he will end up lonely as nobody will want to have the mother and law from hell. I am surprised she didn’t dig up a serbian couson. That might keep her happy. Liz was nice and could do better. He is a mummys boy Let her marry him

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    • You couldn’t have said it better, i don’t know why they let other girls who wern’t serbian compete.when they didn’t
      have a chance of winning but i think Liz got the better deal.

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  5. I was very surprised not even Matt and Amanda stayed together but what happened to the rest of the girls who got eliminated did they find love?
    And your all right it shouldn’t matter where you come from or if your Serbian or not, millennia just needs to get a life.

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