Peter Hitchener is one of the nicest guys in television. I’ve never met the great man personally, however I have spoken with him a couple of times on the phone and we’ve conversed on Twitter quite a bit. After 46 years in the media, 38 of them at Channel 9, he’s a complete gentleman and a consummate professional. The don’t make ’em like Hitch anymore.

Peter has worked at Channel 9 through it’s golden days in the 80’s & 90’s, and continues to work very hard as the News anchor for 9 News Melbourne. He’s delivered some amazing and shocking news to the people of Victoria, and his much loved status is well deserved due to his compassionate, authoritative and empathetic style (even remaining stoic despite the involvement of a giant seagull).

This is another great interview from Rob McKnight continuing his “A Life In Television” series with Hitchener – a legend in his own right, and an icon within the Australian television landscape.