During the recent Qld Floods, Patrick Condren is likely the first voice you heard whenever one (of the many) Qld Premier press conferences opened up for questions. He’s sharp with a great (and deep) voice that leads from a very active mind. He’s also not short of an an opinion, which is always entertaining.

As a professional journalist he’s seen his share of interesting stories. He’s spent time in overseas bureaus, he’s done the regional media thing, he’s read the 6pm bulletin for 7 News Qld for 5 years. It’s not a bad pedigree, and yet he still manages to keep both sides of politics offside just enough to have them bristle during interviews and doorstops. He asks difficult questions every day.

That said, he’s also a pretty nice guy (but don’t tell anyone – it’d just embarrass him). I give you my interview with a direct and generous Patrick Condren