Lord knows it’s tough to get a new show up on TV in Australia these days, let alone a comedy. Full credit then to the Night Terrace team who have gone it alone and are crowd-funding their tilt at delivering a new science-fiction comedy. John Richards, Lee Zachariah, Ben McKenzie & David Ashton should be applauded and supported for their initiative & what sounds like will be a cracking bit of fun. From the press release:


Alan Brough (Spicks & Specks, Kath & Kim), Toby Truslove (Laid, Slideshow) and Adam Richard (Spicks & Specks, Outland) have all been added to the guest cast of new audio science fiction comedy Night Terrace. They join previously announced actors Jane Badler (V, Mission: Impossible) and lead Jackie Woodburne (Neighbours’ Susan Kennedy).

Jackie Woodburne plays Anastasia Black, a woman who used to save the world for the government. Now she just wants a quiet life in retirement, so when her house abruptly starts travelling in time and space she’s understandably miffed. She’s also not exactly thrilled about Eddie Jones (Ben McKenzie), who happened to be on her doorstep at the time and is now her unlikely fellow traveller. University hasn’t prepared Eddie to cope with other worlds or time paradoxes, but he still thinks they’re a step up from selling electricity plans door-to-door.

Together Anastasia and Eddie will face alien invasions, hideous monsters, and a shadowy figure known only as “Sue” (Petra Elliott). All the while hoping the house will eventually take them home…

Alan Brough will be playing a failed theme-park operator who has a penchant for robot design; Toby Truslove will be an alien who works on a leisure planet under attack; Adam Richard will be in a 1970s disco which may also be ground zero for an alien invasion; and Jane Badler will appear as the only person who knows why Anastasia’s house is travelling in space and time. But is she a hero or a villain?

The first series of Night Terrace is 8 half hour episodes with all episodes to be released online simultaneously in the style of US content producers such as Netflix. The head writer is John Richards (co-creator/writer ABC1’s Outland) with episodes also being written by Lee Zachariah (ABC2’s Bazura Project), Ben McKenzie and David Ashton.

The series is being produced by the people behind the hit podcast Splendid Chaps,

The series has been directly funded by listeners using the crowd-funding model, which recently helped fund the feature film of Veronica Mars. The series is due for release later in the year and more information on the show can be found at www.nightterrace.com