The third in a series of five where I interview the Heads of News and Current Affairs for the five free to air networks.

Kate Torney carries quite the professional weight on her shoulders. As the head of News for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation there are fewer as iconic News brands that carry the years of history and expectation on her and her team to continue the usually high standard of News journalism across television, radio and now online. As the primary government broadcaster there is sizeable focus on what the ABC deliver us (formerly for eight cents a day) and how they spend our money: a pressure no other News gathering and reporting organisation feels. How the ABC responds to a News story and delivers it – either as a part of an evening bulletin or rolling coverage on breaking story – is a vital part of the Australian News landscape.

Where Kate sees the future of News is very interesting for the future of “our ABC”, as are her views on competition in the delivery of News for the FTA viewer. A massive bout of thanks to Kate for her insight and this wonderful conversation.

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