The fourth in a series of five where I interview the Heads of News and Current Affairs for the five free to air networks.

National Nine News. 60 Minutes. A Current Affair. All three are big brand products that Darren Wick takes responsibility for along with a raft of other News product for Nine. He heads a News team with more brand journalists than any other network in the country and is under pressure to help Nine regain the title as number one news service. It’s quite a challenge to lead this team and talk of hour-long news services fall squarely in his lap. How Darren sees the future of News and his key market’s response to change is very interesting. A 24 hour Nine News channel you say?

It’s a neck and neck battle for Nine with Seven in 2013; closer than it’s been in many years due to the efforts of Darren and his team. Thank you to Darren for being so willing to share his views on the future of News and how Nine fits into that puzzle.

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