Shaun Micallef AND Kat Stewart, together again in something full of dark humour and satire? Yes please! It’s got lots of potential for goodness, though there’s lots more to be confirmed as production doesn’t start until later this year for a 2013 release. Still – MICALLEF! From the press release:

Network Ten and FremantleMedia Australia are thrilled to announce a new murder mystery drams series, Mr and Mrs Murder starring Kat Stewart (Offspring, Tangle, Underbelly, Newstopia) and Shaun Micallef (Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, Mad As Hell, Newstopia).

Mr and Mrs Murder are happily married couple, Charlie (Shaun Micallef) and Nicola (Kat Stewart) who have a deadly flair for proving whodunnit. Industrial cleaners by day, and amateur sleuths every other spare second, together the duo solve the crimes the cops can’t. Each episode, they puzzle their way through the crime of the week – which will feature a star-studded guest cast.

“You get the feeling making the show with Kat and Shaun will be as much fun as watching. Mr and Mrs Murder is just a sensational premise to showcase two of our best. We can’t wait to get started.” Says Rick Maier, Executive Producer – Drama and Production, Network Ten. “This is an exciting new chapter in murder mystery drama which brings together an acclaimed production and storytelling team, and two of our most respected actors, a winning combination,” said Ian Hogg, FremantleMedia Australia and Asia Pacific CEO.

“I’ve enjoyed working with TEN on Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation over the last four years and am looking forward to continuing our relationship with ‘Mr and Mrs Murder’. Plus I get to work with the remarkable Kat Stewart”, says Shaun Micallef. Kat Stewart added, “I’ve been hoping to work with the incomparable Shaun Micallef again ever since Newstopia. ‘Mr and Mrs Murder’ offers so many fresh, wonderful possibilities. I’m very excited to be part of it.”

FMA Creative Director and Executive Producer, Jason Stephens, says: “I’m delighted to again be working with Shaun and Kat, two of the smartest actors going around and showcasing what I feel is a unique on screen chemistry.” Stephens, who with Shaun Micallef, has created Mr and Mrs
Murder through his company Bravado, a drama development partner of FMA.

Filmed in Melbourne, the 13 part series will commence production in September and will screen on TEN in 2013. Mr & Mrs Murder is a FremantleMedia Australia production of a Bravado drama for Network Ten.