A cracking podcast ep fresh from our mouths to your ears, made even better by the fact that Josh and I were in the same room to record! There was lots of great discussion and online conversation over the discussion around your favourite show to torrent, and how do we see TV changing to respond to it. All this in response to my article about why HOMELAND and Ch10’s SUPER SUNDAY 2.0 got smashed this week.

We also discussed the upcoming raft of drama from ABC: MYSTERY OF A HANSOM CAB; REDFERN NOW; DEVIL’S DUST; & DANGEROUS REMEDY. Still more talk over the Channel 9/CVC debt crisis (though there could be an resolution very shortly), the introduction of Big Brother’s LITTLE SISTER and Josh gets a berating over not doing his homework (watching THE STRANGE CALLS).

There’s even a chance for podcast listeners to win one of five GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM S01 DVD sets, thanks to Madman Films! Make sure you hunt out what you have to do – it couldn’t be simpler.

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Tune in next week when you’ll hear Josh say: “Remember the hashtag – MTTLive.”

MolksTVTalk the Podcast – Gangnam Style.