TECHNOLOGY WAS NOT OUR FRIEND TONIGHT. Stupid skyping from distant lands and not sitting across the desk from each other. But I digress…

It’s a big week in television – again – as we discuss DERRYN HINCH RETURNING TO CHANNEL 7 and JOSH BROOKES being a naughty boy on social media and getting dumped from THE X FACTOR AUSTRALIA. Also ABC Radio sees fit to return ROY & HG to the airwaves to commentate both the AFL and NRL GRAND FINALS this weekend. The festival of the boot returns!

Oh, and a little program call the EMMYS happened on by…

Then there’s all the new programming to talk about now the networks are starting to spruik it: BRYNNE – MY BEDAZZLED LIFE, BEAUTY AND THE GEEK AUSTRALIA, ANH DOES VIETNAM, UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH, KILLING TIME, UNDERGROUND – THE JULIAN ASSANGE STORY, NEW GIRL, HOMELAND, NCIS, INSIDE, AFP, 2 BROKE GIRLS, JACK IRISH, and finally THE HAMSTER WHEEL. All this with only 8 weeks of ratings to go.

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Tune in next week when you’ll hear Molk say:”… … …” – mainly because the internet sucks out here in the wild, wild west.

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