JOSH IS BACK! AGAIN! Some honeymoon, huh?

There’s also convenient discussion of TV things, including the rampant self-promotion that WENDY HARMER wrote an article for; news that CELEBRITY APPRENTICE AUSTRALIA is getting a third season; and THE TODAY SHOW turns 30 this week, so we reflected on what’s changed in the last 30 years of TV and what may change in the next 30 (hint: not much and lots).

Channel 10 welcome a new channel to their fold and reveal what but not when they’ll fast-track a bunch of new programming to our screens. There’s also a fun discussion of AFL v NRL ENTERTAINMENT – the good, the bad and the 2012. And how can you go past our patented MUST WATCH TV recommendations?!

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Tune in next week when you’ll hear Molk say:”I’ve alw.. ..anted to be Jo.. ..y friend.” – mainly because the hotel’s internet link is crappy and it makes the Skype call break up a lot.

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