This week there’s so much to cover as Olympic fever grips Foxtel and Channel 9 (and most of London). What are Channel 7 and Channel 10 doing with their schedules for the next two weeks? Is THE SHIRE as bad as every makes out, and how is LARA BINGLE any better? Why do people keep asking obvious questions?

I roped in Josh (@JoshuaWithers) to discuss this and a whole lot more including: THE TODAY SHOW’s important role in Ch9’s Olympic coverage; the demise of TRICKY BUSINESS; a new host for CAN OF WORMS; what KATE RITCHIE is doing now; why the ABC is replaying PAPER GIANTS; why DOWNTON ABBEY and REVENGE were massive hits (and why prime time soap opera works so well); the end of MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA season 4; and what we think HAMISH & ANDY’s next move is post the final episode of their second series of the GAP YEAR programs this week.

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