There is no way we could have this week’s episode without discussing the elephant in the metaphorical Channel 10 room – why does George say such stupid things on MasterChef Australia. And WTF is going on with Being Lara Bingle as a television show?! It’s a special Skype podcast as SteveMolk is in Perth while Dave keeps the peace in Brislantis so that brings all sorts of fun – not least of which is Steve worrying about the massive storm doing it’s business outside. Still, it means this podcast could be his last, so it’s not too bad an epitaph.

On this week’s show we cover such topics as:

  • BEING LARA BINGLE – will anybody care next week?
  • News that MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA will finish early and an ALL-STARS show will drop during the Olympics!
  • An important and inspiration look into the life of Eddie MABO.
  • Andrew Gunsburg and PHOTO FINISH.
  • MYF WARHURST’S NICE and so much more.
  • The boys are back for HAMISH & ANDY’S EURO GAP YEAR.
  • DUMB, DRUNK & RACIST is shaping to a great new series.
  • This week’s MustWatch TV.

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