This week’s MolksTVTalk the Podcast now contains added DAVE! The wonderful Dave Burton has stepped in to talk all sorts of TV randomness, and does so with great aplomb. What a guy! We both hope you like this first episode with Dave and would really value your feedback – tweet either of us at (Molk) @MolksTVTalk or (Dave) @dave_burton and let us know what you think. Not everything has changed – there’s still the same high quality TV discussion and analysis that you’ve come to know and love. It’s just… different.

On this week’s show we cover such topics as:

  • Our first impressions of the new TEN LATE NEWS.
  • TRACY GRIMSHAW reminds us what actual current affairs TV looks like.
  • Delta’s “interview” on 60 MINUTES.
  • Ch9 found guilty of lying over the Clubs Australia “ad” during a 2011 NRL broadcast.
  • Her Majesty likes to party.
  • THE SIMPSONS returning to Ch10 (as well as season two of THE GLEE PROJECT).
  • What Dave thought of the SHAUN MICALLEF interview.
  • An interview with Richard Sutherland (one of the stars of BIKIE WARS).
  • WILD LIFE AT THE ZOO, LAID and AGONY AUNTS all finish up on ABC1.
  • Coming soon: MYF WARHURST’S NICE and PHOTO FINISH with Andrew Gunsberg.
  • Your questions answered and MustWatch TV.

Keep in touch with us – you can e-mail, tweet either Dave or SteveMolk and we’ll give you a shout out and everything. That’s just the kind of podcast whores we are. We know you love it. There’s a growing bunch of shout-outs at the end of the podcast from like-minded peeps, so stay tuned to see if you got a mention. It’s a community service and one we’re proud to offer.

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