Oh. Em. Gee. Boy do we at MolksTVTalk know how to jump on a bandwagon. You may look in One Direction, but we’ll point you in the other One Direction. #1D. And so forth.

With the Logies all but upon us there was lots to talk about there, including the recording of our very special Logies LIVE podcast this coming Sunday night. It’s sure to be fun, so if you’re in Brisbane/South East Queensland make sure you come down and watch the show and join in the podcasting fun.

There’s also a crapload* of new programs about to start and we had to make sure you were aware. So be aware, people. Foxtel also did some stuff worth mentioning, some people had some anniversaries, some shows got renewed, and we still found time to answer your questions. What nice people we are.

On this week’s show:

  • Special LOGIES podcast. (1:32)
  • LOGIES preview and predictions. (4:14)
  • It’s anniversaries all round! (21:48)
  • FOXTEL allowed to buy all the things. (29:30)
  • Good news from across the pond. (36:18)
  • They are coming… so many new shows. (41:08)
  • Too much KATH AND KIM. (51:45)
  • Everyone owns ONE DIRECTION. (56:08)
  • We answer all the questions, and provide all the MustWatch suggestions. (1:02:34)

(*It’s a technical TV term.)

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