Welcome to the business end of the first portion of the 2012 ratings year – nearly time to breathe a sigh of relief and eat some chocolate. Before we do that though, there’s lots to discuss and dissect, not least of which the 2012 Logies nominations and the surprises contained therein (Hamish Blake nominated for the Gold Logie?! Surely you jest, TV Week?). There’s a bunch of shows ending and a whole lot of others starting so grab a beverage and settle into the usual sparkling repartee you’ve come to expect from SteveMolk & Josh.

On this week’s show:

  • THE SHIRE laps up the controversy. (1:34)
  • It’s the final week of 2012 MOLKIES voting! (10:29)
  • The LOGIES nominations are out, with pre-requisite surprises. (15:55)
  • Ch10 shunt YOUNG TALENT TIME out of Super Sunday. (25:05)
  • HAMISH & ANDY head off for their Euro Gap Year. (29:28)
  • This weeks TV milestones – SUNDAY NIGHT, NCIS, THE SIMPSONS. (33:09)
  • Who’ll have the best coverage for the Qld State Election Night? (35:52)
  • Interview with ADAM ZWAR discussing AGONY UNCLES. (41:05)
  • “The end of summer” and a bunch of shows coming soon. (1:01:18)
  • This week’s MustWatch TV. (1:10:40)

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