With now one dozen episodes in the can, is there nothing we can’t do? Very clearly there’s lots, but we’ll continue podcasting nonetheless. We were very lucky to speak with Jason Jordan, proud West Australian and heavily involved in West TV (the “community” station based in Perth). His views on TV, community and otherwise, are very interesting and he’s never short of an opinion. In addition to this SteveMolk & Josh spend some time talking about the week’s alleged happenings, including the movements at Channel 7 staff-wise and horse-wise.

As the sun rises over the West Australian desert, we chat about:

  • All the news that’s fit to listen to and complain about (1:40)
    • Montana wins ANTM.
    • Who’s allegedly moving where at Ch7 & Ch9.
    • Person of Interest & Unforgettable picked up for full seasons in the US.
    • Farewell 6:30… we loved you long time/New “The Project”.
    • Denyer gets up close and personal with a Clydesdale.
    • Josh apologises for hating on Celeb Apprentice.
  • Interview with Jason Jordan, West Australian Media Mogul-in-the-making (21:30).
  • Ratings you, Ratings me (38:30).
  • Must. Watch. Televison. (42:30).

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