This week, we share your pain in the delivery of MolksTVTalk the Podcast, Episode 8S (it’s not quite 9, but it’s just as good for now). As usual there’s ranting, raving and recollections of conversations with far more famous people than either of the hosts. SteveMolk took the chance to speak with Rob Mills – soon to be host of 2012 Young Talent Time on Channel 10 – when he was in Brisbane for the local auditions. We also get far too sidetracked at the mention of ‘the birds and the bees’ and psychics. Worst. Episode. Ever.

In this special episode, we talked about these special things:

  • In the News (2:00)
    • The MeatLoaf was off at the AFL Grand Final.
    • All new TV all the time.
    • No Joy Of Sets?!
    • Beauty & the Geek CONTROVERSY (Bendeguz is an actor?!).
    • Our first letters segment.
  • Our interview with Rob ‘Millsy’ Mills, host of 2012 Young Talent Time (15:30).
  • What’s happening with the Ratings (27:10).
  • SteveMolk & Josh’s MustWatch recommendations (35:10).

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