Having now interviewed the delightful Myf Warhurst, we here at MolksTVTalk are two-thirds of the way through our Spicks & Specks interview trilogy. Can Brough be attained? Only time will tell…

Myf very generously gave up some rehearsal time from the Spicks & Specktacular Finale tour the team are preparing for to speak with SteveMolk & Josh to speak about her time on the show. Plucked from relative obscurity working on Triple J Myf scored a role on what would go on to become one of the most engaging and disarming TV trivia quiz shows in a decade. We also go to speak about her favourite guest on the show, her new TV show, how often Hamish Blake appeared on the show, and how “easy” it is to make a hit TV show.

Somebody please give Myf Warhurst a job – we want to see and hear more of her on our TV’s.