In the first special edition podcast interview for 2012, I was very lucky to catch up with Frank Woodley via Skype to discuss with him, among other things, his TV show WOODLEY. In what starts out with an bend in the universe freaking Frank out, the conversation trips to his comedic influences for his series in Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin and develops into a comedic masterclass. How does someone who specialises in physical comedy make it look so effortless?

It was a delightful conversation with one of the nicest men in Australian comedy. From spending a week in an egg suit, to worrying about co-stars not having enough lines in a silent film TV series, to business cards in your underpants – it’s a confusing, educational and entertaining chat.

For those lucky enough to be attending the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, you can see Frank in his show BEMUSEMENT PARK from 29 March to 22 April 2012, otherwise you catch him on 8pm Wednesday night on ABC1 in WOODLEY for a few more weeks yet. Enjoy!