For the moment there isn’t too much Adam Hills touches that doesn’t turn to gold. His food for one thing, I mean how would he eat if everything he touched actually turned to gold? That’s just crazy talk. In television, however, In Gordon Street Tonight was a hit at the start of 2011 and he’s also hosted the successful Spicks and Specks for 7 years (in between keeping a successful stand up career rolling along).

I caught up with Adam on Melbourne Cup day in LA as he makes his way back from the UK after wowing audiences with his latest stand up show. He was very generous with his time, and the entire 35 minute interview is offered here as an extra special treat for fans.

During the interview we discuss all sorts of things: Stand up and social media; Giving good panel; the sad upcoming end of Spicks and Specks; the Spicks & Specktacular finale tour; the Kardashians; How IGST got to be on the ABC; and The Human Centipede 2/Toy Story 3 DVD solution.

Massive thanks to Adam for his time, Kelly Higgins-Devine for setting it up and helping record it, & Josh who executively produces the podcasts.