The geeks and beauties are back, this time along with the secret that one of the boys is a millionaire (I’ve already got my pick as to which one). Entering it’s fourth(!) season, Beauty and the Geek Australia has proven to be an enjoyable end of year success for Channel 7 as audiences look for some light, fun TV after the footy season wraps up. Bernard Curry is back as host, as is the BATG mansion the cast live in, along with all the awkward moments where the geeks deal with the beauties in swimsuits in the spa.

One of the highlights is always the Henry Roth makeover that comes towards the middle of the season and it while it certainly delivers on the transformations you’d be forgiven for looking at the geeks this season and thinking at least three have been given ‘reverse’ makeovers to enhance the geek so that the end result later in the show is all that more dramatic.

Beauty and the Geek is delicious reality television to sit back and let wash over you and not take seriously in any way at all.