Dinosaurs. Our long lost reptilian cousins. Like Uncle Barry they are too big to sweep under the carpet, and like aforementioned Uncle they’re too drunk to be given the chance to share some memories, but who’s gonna stop them? Their big, they’re hungry, and they’re animated. At least the makers had the sense to involve Stephen Fry and not that cheap Stephen Fry impersonator that Honda are using in their new ads. Oh, wait. That *IS* the Stephen Fry. I better go delete that series of skeptical tweets. Back soon.

From the press release:

March of the Dinosaurs, a two-hour documentary that follows the journey of dinosaurs millions of years ago as they tried to escape the deathtrap of an icy climate, premieres Saturday, June 25, at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.

The North Pole was once a tropical jungle that thundered with the footfalls of a thousand dinosaurs. As the climate changed, huge numbers of dinosaurs migrated south every year to escape the four-month, continuous night of an Arctic winter.

March of the Dinosaurs, narrated by British actor/comedian Stephen Fry, begins at the prehistoric North Pole where summers are warm, but temperatures plummet and darkness creeps over the land as worsening winters set in. The pole becomes a deathtrap for the dinosaurs as they go on a desperate, 1600-kilometre march south to find the sun that will save them.

The story follows one of the most vulnerable members of the dinosaur pack – a young Edmontosaurus on its first migration, struggling to survive the perils of the prehistoric Arctic: treacherous volcanic landscapes, flash floods, landslides, droughts, and deadly predators lying in wait along the route.

The odds are stacked against this youngster – only one Edmontosaurus in a hundred survived to complete this first polar odyssey.

From gangs of Albertosaurus hunting under the Northern Lights to a mass dinosaur crossing of a river full of sea monsters, March of the Dinosaurs is a heart-thumping journey through a beautiful but perilous lost landscape, packed with epic scenes that have never been portrayed on film before.


March of the Dinosaurs – Sat 25/6 7.30pm,  Channel 9.