Ken Sutcliffe is one of the Channel 9 stalwarts. He survived the Packer years in tact, and has many war stories to tell of the “heady days” of Ch9 in the 80’s. He was Graham Kennedy’s on-air partner for the first season of what would have been considered a risky night-time news/comedy show and laughed his guts out. The Male Model from Mudgee has seen a lot around Ch9, and he now sits next to Peter Overton every night to deliver the sports to Sydney in that market’s leading 6pm bulletin.

This interview with Ken by Rob McKnight is a cracker, and hopefully indicates a series to come that I’d offer should include the likes of Peter Hitchener, Ray Warren, Peter Harvey, Laurie Oakes, Lane Calcutt and Eddie McGuire. Settle in for a great chat.