This is a really smart move by both Channel 10 and Telstra. Homeland is a spectacular new series coming to Ch10 in 2012 and making it available to T-Box users exclusively ahead of the launch sets a great precedent for content and adds a compelling reason to own the device. From the press release:

T- Box customers will be the first in Australia to witness the hotly anticipated US drama series, Homeland, Network Ten and Telstra announced today.

Under the agreement, the premiere episode of Homeland will be broadcast on T-Box for an exclusive viewing window ahead of its season launch on TEN in 2012.

Telstra Executive Director of Media, Applications and User Experience, J-B Rousselot, said the deal was a win for Australia’s 200,000-plus T-Box owners and a sign of more to come. “Exclusivity and timelines are important when it comes to Australians’ viewing choices. This new agreement with Network Ten is another reason why TV lovers should get their hands on a Telstra T-Box,” Mr Rousselot said.

Chief Programming Officer, Network Ten, David Mott says; “We are thrilled to be partnering with Telstra on this unique initiative. Homeland has become one of the most talked about shows to come out of the US drama season and this exclusive preview window is an excellent opportunity for Telstra’s T-Box customers to experience something special ahead of its season premiere on TEN in 2012.”

The T-Box enhances free-to-air TV by working as a personal video recorder, meaning customers can record, pause and rewind live TV or watch one channel while recording another. It has 320GB of storage and an easy-to-read seven day TV guide, making recording and viewing programs simple.

“Customers now have multiple devices connecting to the internet into their home, each delivering different experiences with the T-Box bringing broadband out of the study into the lounge room. “T-Box makes a trip to the video store a thing of the past; customers with a high speed BigPond broadband service can rent and start watching a movie in full digital quality in minutes,” Mr Rousselot said.

Critically acclaimed, Homeland is a gripping psychological thriller hailed the best new drama of the US season, with an exceptional cast including Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin. Homeland is distributed through Twentieth Century Fox and forms part of the Network Ten output deal partnership.