However much the contract is worth (and rumours are it’s a lot), it will all be for naught if Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year doesn’t fire for Channel 9. To be fair, it’s highly likely to. Both Hamish and Andy still ride a wave as Australia’s favourite radio drive team even though they only broadcast 1 day a week, and they reportedly work very hard to deliver that. One will only guess the skylarking is all for show as well. At least Nine Australia boss David Gyngell hopes so. From the press release:

Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year will commence on the Nine Network on Thursday, July 28, at 8.30pm.

Announcing the timeslot on their Austereo radio show live from the United States today, Hamish and Andy said:

“We looked through all the emails and it appeared that a girl called Narelle had netball on Monday nights, Dennis generally Skyped his mother in London on Wednesday evenings, and a bloke called Johnno was pretty keen to hit the clubs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

“With all that in mind, it just makes sense for the show to be on Thursday nights at 8.30pm. Channel Nine agreed that it would be a shame if Johnno missed it.”

Nine Network Director of Television, Michael Healy, said: “We are excited to see what the team will uncover as they make their way across the US and share their unique experiences.”

Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year – from Thu 28/07 8:30pm, Ch9.