Rob McKnight

Rob McKnight

Great news that the initiative by Rob McKnight to reveal more of the stories behind the news and the people that report them has developed into a weekly web show – 9streamLIVE! Rob has an obvious passion for television and his previous live streams have all been great successes, so it was in my opinion a natural progression for it to move into a weekly web series like this. It’s sure to offer a very interesting insight into the week’s news events and the panel format will work well. I’m excited to see how it develops, and the social opportunity it provides for viewers should be excellent. From the press release:

Nine News has announced it will launch a weekly live broadcast streamed exclusively on ninemsn.

#9StreamLIVE will be the first live news program made by an Australian TV network exclusively for the web.

Hosted by Nine’s Rob McKnight, the weekly live stream is being produced with a strong focus on engaging Nine’s social media community and building on ninemsn’s leading online news video offering.

Each week, #9StreamLIVE will host a high-profile panel of personalities who will challenge perceptions on the events of the week. The webcast format will evolve over time based on feedback from social followers. Host Rob McKnight says, “We’ll speak to the people making news and go beyond the headline to get the story behind the story. While an interview is in progress, we’ll be able to bring up questions posted by viewers on Twitter and Facebook instantaneously and build that into the webcast”.

#9StreamLIVE starts Tuesday January 29 at the following times:
7.30pm NSW/VIC/TAS
7.00pm SA
6.30pm QLD
6.00pm Northern Territory
4.30pm WA

For more details and to watch online, go to

Interact with #9StreamLIVE at: