Brendan Fevola & Ricky Nixon – both have heaped shame on themselves and their families over the past 12 months (and longer), as well as the game of AFL. Didn’t think there was much more to hear from them? Until the last couple of weeks, there probably wasn’t – until Fev got busted gambling again and Nixon tryst with St Kilda schoolgirl Kim Duthie turned into more of a she-stalking incident. From the press release:

Two explosive Sunday Night interviews: Brendan Fevola and Ricky Nixon.

In an exclusive interview on Sunday Night former AFL superstar Brendan Fevola reveals the shocking truth behind his sudden demise from football superstar. The showdown with guest reporter Peter Fitzsimons sees the footy legend detail his own downfall, from the Lara Bingle photo scandal to his drink and gambling addictions.

His estranged wife Alex and mum Karen also give their own brutal assessments of Fevola, who spent 70 days in rehab earlier this year after attempting self-harm. Also on this special edition of Sunday Night, shamed former player agent Ricky Nixon finally breaks his silence about his relationship with the 17- year-old schoolgirl at the centre of the AFL sex and drug scandal.

Speaking exclusively to Sunday Night, Nixon twice stops the interview with reporter Ross Coulthart, and threatens to pull out. The 47-year-old father of two eventually returns to go on the record about the biggest mistake, and biggest regret, of his life.

He also details how, at the height of the drama engulfing him, he fled Australia and contemplated ending it all by jumping from London Bridge. It’s a raw no holds barred confessional in which Nixon makes admissions which will rock the game. What he says will make you question everything you thought you knew about this explosive story.


Sunday Night – Sun 01/05 6:30pm, Ch7.