I will watch anything featuring Heston Blumenthal. Anything. His Heston’s Feasts series is an insight into a bizarre genius who shows that anyone can be a food legend with blood, sweat and tears.

This new series that will appear on Channel 7 is supposed to be as good. Bring. It. On. From the press release:

Channel Seven has acquired the brand new series from award-winning, Michelin-starred chef, Heston Blumenthal.

Premiering next month on Seven, HESTON’S MISSION IMPOSSIBLE sees Heston attempting to help four of Britain’s biggest brands dramatically transform their food production.

Heston uses his maverick culinary genius to tackle the unique dilemmas that British Airways, The Royal Navy, the Cineworld cinema chain and the NHS’s largest children hospital face in their kitchens. He conducts outrageous and bizarre experiments in his quest to find solutions where other chefs have failed.

As the companies are drawn into his world, staff are flabbergasted by his seemingly impossible ambitions. But Heston’s biggest challenge comes in the toughest test of all – the real world, where the customers will be his toughest critics.

Heston is currently in Australia for a series of corporate engagements and a one-off public event, tonight at Sydney’s State Theatre.

A self-taught chef, Heston Blumenthal’s route to the top has been an unconventional one, involving rule-breaking, unusual experiments and an exploding oven. His restaurant, The Fat Duck, has been awarded three Michelin stars and was voted Best Restaurant in the World in 2005.


Heston’s Mission Impossible – April, Ch7.