It’s done. Gone. Like sands through the hourglass, etc. It’s a shame that any Aussie TV show fails and is cancelled as that’s people’s jobs and livelihoods gone. A shrinking TV industry reduces creativity and makes TV Execs gun-shy and avoid from other new ideas. Everybody Dance Now didn’t light up the ratings and it’s a bitter pill to swallow as one quarter of Ch10’s four new reality formats, two of which remain on air (with one yet to be scheduled). For now. From the press release:

Quote from James Warburton, Chief Executive Officer, Network Ten.

“As part of the renewal of Network Ten’s creative content, we are trying new formats and creating more programming options. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the Everybody Dance Now format right. Kelly, Jason and Sarah are fantastic presenters. Their professionalism and commitment to Everybody Dance Now was remarkable, and the many talented dancers on the show were amazing. Although we worked with FremantleMedia to reset the program, clearly it has not struck a chord with viewers.”

Please note the below changes to the TEN schedule in red for SUNDAY 26 AUGUST:

6.00pm – The Project

6.30pm INSERT: The Simpsons (S23 / Ep14)
DELETE: David Attenborough’s Life In Cold Blood (one hour)

7.00pm INSERT: Modern Family (RPT)

7:30pm INSERT: Modern Family (RPT)
DELETE: Everybody Dance Now (one hour)

8.00pm – Graham Norton Express (guest star Kristen Stewart)

8.30pm – NCIS (RPT)

9.30pm – Moto GP – LIVE from Czech Republic, round 12.