More of the delicious Dowager Countess, more of the frustrated courtship between Anna & Mr Carson, more of what will become of Lady Mary & Lady Edith as they seek husbands, and the effects of World War I on England and, of course, Downton Abbey.

Finally it’s here – the second season of what was a smash hit for Channel 7 in 2011 (remember way back then?) and it’s sure to be a hit with those that haven’t already seen it by purchasing the DVD set or via nefarious means. Therein lies the problem for the network. They sat on Downton Abbey for FAR TOO LONG and in an age where currency is king to wait until May to screen this series is deplorable. Fans will have sourced the series and seen it already and that’s the critical market for success – fans watching will be make or break to the ratings success of the show.

Independent of that: It’s another great series from creator Julian Fellowes. The drama, relationship & intrigue he developed in the first series carries forward to season two and develops with an urgency the backdrop of war underpins. It’s gonna be sooooo good.

Downton Abbey – starts Sun May 20 8:30pm, Ch7.