Grant Bowler and the previously eliminated racers wait for the winners of season one of The Amazing Race Australia

Congratulations to Nathan Jolliffe and Tyler Atkins who picked up a $250,000 cheque for winning the inaugural series of The Amazing Race Australia. They raced the final leg finishing ahead of models Sam & Renae, with father/son team Jeff & Luke in third.

Starting the final leg in Colombo, the teams were sent to Singapore and after facing their final challenges, detours and roadblocks, were pointed back to Australia to finish the race in the West Australian capital, Perth. The model girls were in 3rd place for a large part of this final leg og the race, however being Perth locals looked like they would beat the “beanie boys” by using their local knowledge. The final flag challenge nearly brought all the teams undone, and that final shortcut the girls took really didn’t help them.

Many had tipped farmers Matt & Tom to take the race out, however they were eliminated in the penultimate leg. Series higlight teams included friends Mo & Mos, married entrepreneurs Joey & Richard, and engaged couple Anastasia & Chris.

Channel 7 took a big risk in launching an Australian version of the US series. Fans of the show have been hooked to the original US version, and a local version had a lot to lose if they offered anything but the many overseas locations and high production values. They need not have worried. The series has performed well in the ratings and left fans keen on more – and the Network have responded by opening auditions for a second series.