MKR - Jake & Elle and Dan & Steph
Congrats to Dan & Steph – super deserving winners & lovely people as well.

It was a fierce kitchen battle to the end, but Queensland husband and wife team Dan and Steph Mulheron narrowly edged out siblings Jake and Elle Harrison to take out the 2013 My Kitchen Rules title.

Each team had the formidable task of producing a five course menu totalling 100 plates for family, friends and fellow teams in their respective restaurants at Kitchen HQ.

Only two points separated the two grand finalists with Dan and Steph taking the lead with a total score of 54/60 over Jake and Elle’s 52/60.

In tears and hugging his wife of three years, Dan, a painter by trade, said the win and the $250,000 prize money would change their lives.

“This is the start of our dreams. Honestly, this is a dream come true. We can start a family now,” the 32 year-old said. “We’re going to teach our kids to work hard. If you want something, you work hard for it and you’ll get it. Tonight without a doubt has been the best night of our lives . . . without a doubt.”

The Hervey Bay couple who have made no secret of their desire to start a family and their IVF struggle, say the win puts them one step closer to realising another dream, opening their own gourmet sausage shop.

“Our life and our future has totally changed from this moment,” said Steph, 30, who was overwhelmed by the judges’ decision. “We’ve won MKR. We can’t believe we just won.”

While they didn’t win, performing arts student Jake, 20, and business and law student Elle, 22, have claimed their place in MKR history being the youngest team ever to reach the grand final.

“We’ve made life-long friends throughout this competition and it’s been an absolute rollercoaster. And if we had to pick a team to lose to, it would be these two next to me,” said Jake.

“It’s such an achievement. We’re the youngest team, but we’ve made it so far,” said Elle, who one day hopes to open a restaurant with her brother.

Both of their menus – collectively featuring quail, squab, lamb, beef, duck and seafood – garnered praise from judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel, along with guest judges Guy Grossi, Liz Egan, Karen Martini and Colin Fassnidge.

Manu Feildel said Dan and Steph’s Squab with Chestnuts and Redcurrant Sauce was “something you would see in a fine dining restaurant.”

Colin said the married home cooks demonstrated “chef techniques” with their Lamb Roulade with Smoked Carrots and Mint Pesto.

But it was Dan and Steph’s Chocolate Peppermint Delice, their interpretation of an After Dinner Mint, that wowed the judges with Guy Grossi saying it was a “slam dunk dessert”.

Liz Egan was also impressed commenting that “you don’t see home cooks doing sugar work like that. It’s amazing.” Pete Evans added: “The presentation of that dish was the best of the evening. It was meticulous.”

Applications are now open for the 2014 season of My Kitchen Rules –


Dan & Steph
First Course – Scallop Ceviche
Second Course – Squab with Chestnuts and Redcurrant Sauce
Third Course – Deconstructed Fish and Chips (Flathead Sausage with Confit Potato)
Fourth Course – Lamb Roulade with Smoked Carrots and Mint Pesto
Fifth Course – Chocolate Peppermint Delice

Guy Grossi: 9
Karen Martini: 9
Colin Fassnidge: 9
Liz Egan: 9
Manu Feildel: 9
Pete Evans: 9
Total: 54/60

Jake & Elle
“Costa de Sol”
First Course – Wagyu Beef Carpaccio
Second Course – Quail with Figs and Gorgonzola Sauce
Third Course – Rock Lobster with Semolina Wafer Stack
Fourth Course – Confit Duck with Artichoke Puree and Balsamic Sauce
Fifth Course – Strawberry and Amaretto Semi Freddo

Guy Grossi: 9
Karen Martini: 8
Colin Fassnidge:8
Liz Egan: 9
Manu Feildel: 9
Pete Evans: 9
Total: 52/60