Jerry Bruckheimer is all about the bang. And big ones, usually, so this new series Chase stands to be a decent summer offering Channel 9 have picked up from NBC. It’s fast, it’s flashy, it’s well shot, it’s got a strong female lead, it’s got some eye candy for the girls,  It’s got the guy from Prison Break, it’s got a great bad guy, it’s got a plot you can see through, and it’s not demanding. It should make Sunday evenings pretty easy work.

From the press release:

Chase, a lightning-fast-paced new drama from Emmy Award-winning producer Jerry Bruckheimer, premieres on Nine on Sunday, November 28 at 9.30pm. Chase drops viewers smack in the middle of a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse as a crack squad of US marshals hunt down America’s most dangerous fugitive.

This gripping drama series carries the familiar production polish of Bruckheimer, creator of such hits as the CSI franchise, Cold Case, Without a Trace and The Amazing Race. Chase stars Kelli Giddish (Past Life), Cole Hauser (Tigerland), Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break), Rose Rollins (The L Word) and Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives) as the marshals on the manhunt.

Leading the team is US Marshal Annie Frost (Giddish), whose sharp mind and Texas upbringing equip her perfectly to track down violent criminals on the run. Frost’s elite outfit includes Jimmy Godfrey (Hauser), an East Texas kid who never grew up and is a true American cowboy; Marco Martinez (Nolasco), an intelligence guy who just loves to talk; and Daisy Ogbaa (Rollins), a weapons and tactical specialist who, in contrast to Marco, is a woman of few words. Rounding out the team is Luke Watson (Metcalfe), the fresh-faced newcomer whose upbringing in Washington, DC, did little to prepare him for the lawlessness of the Lone Star State.

With non-stop action, this Chase never stops to take a breath once the ride begins.

CHASE – Sun 28/11 9.30pm, Ch9
Image/Video source: NBC.