It is coming. Despite all expectations that The Shire will be the death of civilisation as we know it, there is the chance it may actually be interesting and worthwhile programming. All I’ve seen is the leaked clip and it presented an interesting mix of people reflecting a portion of Australian society. The real question is – are we ready to accept that this is how some people see the world? Cue shots of tanned, g-string-wearing bottoms and you’ve some idea what to expect. From the press release:

Network Ten today announced the commissioning of The Shire, a bold, highly addictive ‘dramality’ series that follows the often outrageous lives and loves of a group of people who are destined to become the most talked about in Australia.

With its stunning beauty and “tribe-like” community, the Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s south is the perfect location for this very real glimpse into the private lives of a distinctive group of Australian culture. Shine Australia has scoured the Shire to assemble a brilliant ensemble of charismatic and controversial characters.

From the boys next door, to the girls next door, from the heart-breakers, to the home-wreckers – The Shire is guaranteed to raise a commotion, and fast become one of the most talked-about shows on the box. David Mott, chief programming officer, Network Ten said: “The Shire is a fascinating look into a unique sub-culture in Australia and the first time a local ‘dramality’ series is being introduced to the commercial television landscape.

“The genre has been a hit in the US (Jersey Shore) and the UK (The Only Way is Essex), changing the way people view television, and we intend to do the same. The Shire epitomises the progression of reality television and in this social media age, we’ve built a show that is not only entertaining but capitalises on all the twitterverse and blogosphere has to offer. It is the next step in the reality TV phenomenon TEN pioneered in 2001 when we introduced Big Brother to the Australian market and a strong, confident addition to our 2012 program line-up,” Mr Mott said.

“The Shire is a glimpse behind the curtain into the heart of Australia as you have never seen it before.”

From their hectic and crazed social lives to problems with work and family, The Shire will leave no stone unturned.

With its beautiful back-drop, controversial cast and Shine’s production expertise, The Shire has all the ingredients to become one of the breakout hits of 2012.

Production on The Shire starts Monday March 26, in…the Shire.

Urban dictionary:
1. Dramality: An evolution of the “reality series” television genre that blends realistic and fictional elements together.