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Tonight on Big Brother – sunbaking, Ray’s the love doctor, Stacey meets Ryan Gosling, & Surly confuddles Zoe.

Early morning in the BB house, and nobody’s up. The Yes/No task is on, and Bradley is called to the Diary Room. BB asks him to play the piano accordian to wake up his fellow HMs. He wanders through the house making the sounds a banshee would make before it dies.

The HMs yell “why?!” at BB, who interjects to congratulate Brad on a job well done.

George & Layla have a lie in, while Ryan and Sarah are called to the Diary Room – BB wants them to prepare brekky for Ray. The house is on rations, but Ray must say yes to any fancy food he’s offered and Ryan says it sucks because he can’t have any.

Stacey, Layla & Josh are having a bitch about Ray’s interpersonal approach as they sit by the pool.

Ray polishes off his chocolate milk as Ryan watches him eat every last morsel.

Stacey asks Layla if there was any loving last night. Nup. Not even a cuddle. George & Ray are discussing George’s next steps, which will include “the chat”. There’s so little insight that to recap it would waste valuable bits and bytes.

George & Estelle exercise as George shows off his skipping skills. How manly. Josh & Michael are talking who is the hottest girl in the house. It’s all happening today. Bradley and Benjamin join them, which causes Josh to claim Ben is the best looking female in the house. “Oh yeah,” agrees Ben.

George & Ray reckon they could seduce Estelle just by walking past her, in an intercut of footage that seemed to happen before the exercise thing we’ve already seen. Josh declares Sarah his hottest girl in the house at the moment.

BB asks Stacey if she’d like to meet Ryan Gosling. She goes bezerk, almost forgetting to say yes. She races into the bathroom to prepare herself after BB calls her to the Diary Room. More screaming. “No, I gotta be a lady,” she says as she fixes her hair going in. Her joy is short-lived when she sees a life-sized cut out of Ryan Gosling.

BB introduces her to him, and then asks why he’s her favourite celeb. She “really, really likes his pretty face”. Stacey is tasked with remaining in contact until BB says to stop. This includes eating, sleeping – making him feel like he’s a part of the BB house.

The HMs are all talking over each other about what they’ll ask Ryan Gosling when he comes out – exit Stacey with her husband “Baby Goose”. “HE’S SO PRETTY!!!”

George & Layla are in bed for a rest while Stacey feeds Baby Goose in the kitchen. George has “the chat” with Layla to find out what she wants from the relationship in the house. “I don’t want to lead you on,” he says. “Oh, same for me,” she says. This isn’t going to end well for the dreadlocked one.

Benjamin, Ryan and Bradley are called to the Diary Room to discuss the Family Dinner plans – the HMs up for eviction have to run it. Benjamin gets to host after a quick ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, but Brad reckons Ryan should host because it’s “best for us all”. Brad tells Estelle it was his idea to let Ryan host as Ryan is usually quite quiet & reserved.

Zoe is cleaning the fish tank when Surly the fish says hello. She freaks out a little, but accepts his mission for her – she has the chance to win $500 if she can, in 30 min, go to every male HM and tell them a story that starts with “This one time, when I was in New York…”. Zoe launches in and tells the same story to every male HM.

“You were supposed to tell every bloke a different story, you Muppet,” Surly tells Zoe.

He gives her a chance to make up for it – she has 5 minutes to get a paif or Ryan’s shoes and chuck them over the wall out of the compound. She’s not supposed to let anyone know she’s doing it, yet walks up to his clothes and picks up a pair of his shows while Ben, Stacey & Sarah are sorting out Stacey’s hot pants. She piffs them over the fence and everyone wonders what the hell she was doing. Ryan is most puzzled.

Zoe’s not awesome at this, and Ryan goes to the Diary Room to talk to BB about how weird Zoe has been acting. He’s noticed he has shoes missing. BB asks Ryan if food deprivation may have something to do with it. Surly tells Zoe she didn’t do very well, but he gives her the cash anyway. She stuffs it in her bra and it’s job done.

Tonight’s family dinner has a royal theme in honour of Layla’s Polish royal heritage. Benjamin and Brad discuss the only thing they have in common with Ryan is they both don’t like him. HIGH FIVE!

Ryan addresses the HMs & tells them to wear their props and dress accordingly. Benjamin is still bitching about Ryan as he enters the kitchen. He questions Ryan as to his friends and family liking Estelle. The three boys are cooking up a storm while the girls dress in white for the evening’s events.

The girls are sitting in the lounge with Baby Goose when Layla reveals “the chat”. Of course it’s all ‘poor Layla’ given it’s the way she’s sharing the story. She clearly wanted more. Cut to the boys in the bedroom with George reporting they’re on the same page because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

Angie, always wanting to make conversations about her, says she and Josh had the same conversation too. Basically what they’re saying is it’s OK to hook up in the house and the relationship doesn’t have to go anywhere. Sweet lord.

Dinner is ready and the HMs are called into the kitchen. If they fail the Yes/No task this is the best food they’ll have for a week. With George saying no to having a dread cut off the HMs have only two No’s left.

Ryan starts the formal part of the family dinner with a very formal welcome. The topics help conversation flow, and Ray’s question of “If you had a time machine, what would you do?” prompts Josh to offer he would have made a move on Angie before he got to friend status. Like. Hoots and hollers at the table, but once Josh says that’s a joke Angie says “I know” with her mouth but not her face.

Benjamin would have not thrown the glass of water in Bradley’s face, and he offers complete contrition. Bradley also offers it was his comment that forced it because that may be what gets Ben evicted and he hopes that’s not the case. A new topic “What has the BB House taught you about yourself?” has Sarah talk about something that has everyone glaze over pretty quick.

After dinner, Stacey gives Baby Goose a lap dance in front of the HMs in the lounge. The hosts of dinner prepare desert and Ryan delivers it to the lounge, allowing Benjamin & Bradley to discuss Ryan. Again. Ray’s talking about Ryan as he appears with dessert.

The final topic for the night comes from Michael: “Discuss the pros and cons of having a relationship in the house”. There’s six people in relationships, which puts Angie on the defensive straight away. Paranoid much? Josh is far more eloquent. George agrees with Josh.

Ryan pushes George about “the chat” and he reveals he’s already had it. Josh has had the talk. It seems Ryan is the only one who hasn’t had “the chat” with his snuggle buddy. Poor form, pretty boy.

Baby Goose is getting ready for bed with Stacey. She tells Michael she’ll have a shower with him tomorrow, but tonight she simply lets him have a shower. Ryan’s questioning Ray about Estelle, and they agree she’s just one of the boys. Ray says Ryan is the luckiest guy alive given who Estelle is. Ray congratulates him on a job well done at dinner tonight too. Talk turns to Benjamin and how Ray says Ben hates him and George. The cracks are more than appearing.

Michael has been called to the Diary Room where BB asks Michael how his hair defines him as a person. He says he never got any attention or confidence until he started growing it. It built ranga pride. BB asks him to lose the hair, and apologising to the HMs he says No. The HMs have one left in this challenge. It’s all cuddles & affirmation for Michael as he comes out of the Diary Room.

Zoe has a chat with BB about Surly and his intentions. She is terrified that people will stop trusting her and she doesn’t want that. She loves the missions but they’re difficult. Nigh nigh HMs…