Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
The weekly task continues – a simulated road trip from Perth to Dreamworld. If they don’t pass the task, it’s staple foods all week. Ryan and Ray are bike buddies today. Ryan unfortunately breaks into a road trip sing song rap. Ray starts cracking jokes. These two are like the odd couple.  ‘what do you call a deer with no eyes’ – “no idea!” It just gets worse from there and poor Ryan can’t keep up.

Josh and Estelle talk about the weather… morale seems low. Big Brother has enforced some tough rules. No hot water until bread is baked and basic food rations. Sarah and Ben get the fire happening. Josh and Estelle moan “I reckon he’s trying to break us”.  Ryan, Stace and Ray complain that they’re starving. Eating sardines non stop could kill them. This is serious.

Meanwhile Layla is chatting to Surly the fish. Does she know it can tall yet? She’s summoned to the DR with her fellow nominees Charne and Estelle… Surly the fish chats to himself  “I like her…she’s a goodin”. This is all very wacky. BB asks them to host a family meal tonight and provide entertaining dinner conversation.

Angie has a quiet bitch to Benjamin about Stella (Estelle). She reckons she’s trying to put her down. Benjamin tries to make a bitchy point but is interrupted when Stella enters the room. Dum di dum… change of topic. And they start discussing tonight’s dinner conversation starters. Angie hopes it doesn’t get too heated. Estelle hopes it does. I’ll put money on it exploding with tears.

Later on, we cross to Angie in the bathroom who is still bitching about Estelle. She’s worried about the dinner becoming controversial and Estelle egging it on. Ben tells her to ‘get emotionally ready”. This is going to be good. Angie: “I don’t have drama in my life” Really? Cause I could have sworn you just created some. Layla pipes in with her 2 bob, outraged by Estelle. Layla heads to the Diary Room. She’s now worried about tonight becoming tense. She’s crying. Oh dear.

Josh and Michael are now roadtripping. Michael is discussing whether they’ve met the real Estelle? We cut to Angie who is insisting to Estelle that the dinner convo be light hearted and silly. Estelle: “are you afraid of opinionated conversations” Here we go… So much drama, so little reason! Love it.

Back in the bedroom, Benjamin is now talking to Estelle about Angie and the tension over the upcoming dinner. This is hilarious. Ben claims they’re both insecure but from 2 different points of view. Angie sees hierachy, Estelle sees independence. Benjamin has actually made a good point. Benjamin suggests Estelle become friends with the enemy.

Back to Michael and Josh on the bike… “worst road trip ever” and then they’re soaked by some harsh wet weather that BB throws at them. Too funny.

Ryan and Estelle cozy up outside on a lounge. They discuss her expensive jewellery. Is he fishing for details – could her secret be she’s related to Royalty?

Sarah heads to the DR. She’s got issues with Angie being aggressive. Sarah’s onto it. She sees the bitchiness behind Angie’s actions.

George and Ray are roadtripping. They talk about who they like out of the ladies. Sarah’s top pick, but she has a boyfriend, damn it!

Benjamin is back in the DR, in trouble for breaking a microphone. He will be dealt a punishment in due course.

Sarah and Angie get down to serious chats about bitchiness in the house. It’s a round about convo ending with Sarah saying “don’t look back and realise you didn’t give everybody a chance”… Serious. Hugs.  Angie’s in the Diary Room now. The tears start flowing and she’s full of regret for her Bitchiness to Estelle. She’s feeling picked on and vulnerable. Aaaaawe.

It’s finally dinner time. A lovely dinner is served up and every housemate has a topic of conversation that must be discussed.  Layla’s topic: Australia’s culture vs English culture.  Layla would have babies here. Aussie BBQs and the weather rock. Damn straight.

Michael’s topic: What is the event that’s defined your life. George says his apprenticeship. Angie moving out of home at 15. Quite revealing that she lived on the streets, but still managed to stay in school. Charne in tears reveals that her father passing has really affected her, and her mother going through chemo. This is a very honest moment. This is why she’s such a closde Person. She gets a round of applause. So far everyone has been behaving during the conversations.

What would they change about themselves? Estelle says she’s too much of a high achiever and isn’t very open to people. Bradley would like to fix his stutter… He opens up about how difficult it is to cope with. He says people take it for granted. He would love to be able to talk freely. He’s also applauded. Lovely moment.

Benjamin has to report to the naughty corner as punishment for swinging on a pole and breaking a microphone. The naughty corner sees him in a secret room having to lick chips into their correct flavour category. He finds this a great opportunity to entertain the housemates as they watch on and laugh. Benjamin eventually slumps in a corner and sulks over his punishment. BB releases him later to much cheering.

The guys must report to the man cave to guess the girl’s secrets. They’re convinced its Charne who is obsessive compulsive.  Meanwhile the girls are talking about problems that are annoying them in the house. Zoe broaches the topic and tells Estelle that she hates people interrupting. Estelle interrupts with her point. Angie lets loose on the day’s attacking. It’s aimed directly at Estelle.

The guys eavesdrop on the girls convos from the man cave door. Sarah bursts into tears over Charne being in tears. It’s all very emotional. The guys are loving it. Angie breaks down and walks away. The boys walk out to find the house divided. Layla goes to comfort Angie… “I’ve never been so judged for making friends and trying to have a good time”

Layla’s back in the DR. ‘It’s just stressful”. She asks big brother if she was good tonight. “you know, good at doing the thing tonight”… BB “you were a gracious host”… “what’s ‘really gracious’ (mean)?” Moving along…

Angie complains to Ben about everyone picking on her. More tears.  Sarah takes her turn in the DR. She’s regretting what she said.

And finally Michael’s DR visit sums up the day. Noms are hard, “thats where wars start…tonights the night where it all starts”

And a final word from Sarah…  “I shouldn’t have said anything bb”

A night of regret in the Big Brother house.