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Tonight on BB, girls screaming, Sam the intruder has lunch with the ladies, but what do the boys think? And who’s made Layla cry?

It’s early morning and Bradley must start his radio show on Double B FM for the week’s task. In the Captains Quarters hottie McHottie intruder Sam is showing us his body again, can’t wait for the ladies reaction. He’s doing handstands around the pool.

BB summons the ladies to the DR. Ava can barely drag herself away from pashing Josh. It’s first thing in the morn and none of them have makeup on yet. BB tells the girls to “fully glam up” but won’t say why. The hot water is being turned on ONLY for the girls. So much excitement.

Ben speaks to Josh about how weird it is that he’s hooked up with Ava already. Josh explains that Ava jumped him in the pool and really he was defenseless. Ava walks in. Conversation stops.

Meanwhile, the girls are plucking, shaving, showering, teasing and grooming themselves for the day ahead.

Sam is most intrigued by Estelle and wants to find out MORE! The girls are so excited. Ben is jealous about their “luncheon” or whatever it is.

All housemates are gathered in the lounge room. Ben is sent to the radio room & is told he must host a show called Date Watch, a running commentary of what’s about to happen in the Captain’s Quarters.

Sam chooses Zoe for his first date. “oh my god!!” so much excitement. Ben starts commentating on what’s happening. Zoe heads inside. All aflutter and meets Sam. She’s like a giddy school girl. Ben starts watching the footage inside the CQ. He’s gobsmacked, this is too much excitement for even Ben. Sam asks Zoe to fill him in about herself, she seems a bit nervous. She asks if he’s an intruder, he says he doesn’t know. The housemates are in the lounge DESPERATELY wanting to know what’s going on. The tv screen starts broadcasting the CQ but with no sound. They see Zoe. They see Sam. Ange screams and is hyperventilating. “he’s smoking” The guys’ reactions are priceless. NOT impressed. Hilarious.

Sam and Zoe chew the fat. We cut back to the guys: Michael “Who are you mysterious handsome man” Turns out Zoe and Sam have heaps in common and know the same people. I think they genuinely had a good chat. Back to Ange “he’s tall!!” she’s completely in love. Ben notes “he’s metrosexual” from the way he picked up the plates and cleared the table. Really? Zoe returns “you look beautiful” the girls say. They all scream in her face. Ben’s pumped as Ava makes her way in for her date. Ben notes her great combination of sexiness and cuteness. Ben’s gone all serious for some reason. He seems almost lost without his bitchy sidekick Stacey. All the girls in the Lounge Room are still swooning. Josh is unimpressed, this is very funny. Sam and Ava chat over sushi. She asks about his prominent scar on his forehead. He jokes he had a Siamese twin and they were joined at the head. No wait. He’s not joking. What! He’s serious. Wow. Ava says she likes it.

Stacey pushes Josh to talk about Ava. He says he has no regrets about hooking up… however he’s looking pretty worried right now. Now it’s Layla’s date and Ben notes how gorgeous she looks. Layla tells Sam he doesn’t sound very Aussie. “maybe I’m just well spoken” “oooh, I like it” Ben says she hides behind being dumb, but actually she’s smart. Layla jokes that Angie is “frothing” at the thought of Sam. Everyone in the LR says how gorgeous she looks. Ben notes she always looks awkward when she walks away because she’s worried about her bum, whereas he thinks it looks “amazing!!” Has Ben taken an anti-bitch pill today?

It’s Angie’s turn, here we go. Kisses hello. He says she looks beautiful. She says he looks handsome. He asks what’s been happening. “You”. The girls are commentating telling her to be a lady and put her leg down, funny. Ben says she’s not looking Sam in the eye, a clear sign she WANTS him. This is the man for her, she’s excited. He says she could use this relationship to get back at Josh. Duh. Of course, that’s the plan. That’s BB’s plan, and it’s excellent. Sam and Ange get on well. Both from The Gold Coast. Ben analyses the relationship. He thinks it’s the warmest chemistry he’s seen so far. The date is over already…Ange goes back to report everything. She says he was such a gentleman.

It’s Stacey’s turn. She’s loving it and they immediately start joking around. He thinks she’s funny.

Estelle is lucky last – his top pick. He says she looks beautiful. He says she has a very cheeky smile. Ben notes her confidence and sexuality. They start talking about dancing. Sam can’t dance, but maybe in the shower. “do you want to give me a demo?” RAUNCH. He declines. The girls are looking on, they think it all looks very serious between them. Estelle says she never goes on dates. Ben thinks Sam will be desiring her the most, or at least that would be her plan. Her time is up!

Now Sam has to decide who he’s going to invite back for an after lunch drink. He picks Estelle! She’s back. Now the Lounge Room can actually hear them as well as see them. They pour coffees and have some treats. Meanwhile on the couch Ava and Josh are playing around. Again, Ange watches on…looking hurt.

Now, Estelle gets to introduce Sam to the house. He meets all the guys and they welcome him aboard. They head to the bedroom and go through all the sleeping arrangements. Ange currently sleeps next to Estelle, but Bradley suggests moving her, so Sam can be next to Estelle. Subtle.

Ben emerges from the radio room after 3 hours. He’s famished. Layla admits it’s been a full on day.

Outside Josh shows Sam the manliest part of the house – the fire.

Back to the kitchen and Zoe thinks Sam seems nice. Layla thinks he doesn’t like her! Poor Layla. She says she was so nervous. The girls are talking about who he smiled at the most.

In the bedroom, Ange comes back to see that all her stuffs been moved already and Ava and Estelle explain what happened. Ange: “…so…because they think they’ll sleep together” Oooh. Another painful blow to Ange. Ava and Estelle try and backtrack and blame Bradley saying he was just rude. Patronising arm around Ange’s shoulder and they walk out of the bedroom…

Later on, Layla chats to Zoe in bed. She’s overwhelmed by the day. She heard Sam say to Estelle on their date that he didn’t know what to think of Layla. This has really upset her. Zoe comforts her and tells her not to worry. It makes Layla think about the whole thing with George and that it’s pointless because she’s ultimately not his type…

Estelle and Ava head to the bathroom and discuss the day’s events. Estelle sounds excited. Ava doesn’t know what it all means “is this the beginning of the end!”

It’s back to the radio show with George, Sam and Zoe for the “Rural Wrap Up” they talk about whether it’s ok to eat roadkill. Zoe and George say leave it for the crows. Sam admits he likes kangaroo…he’d consider it! The real Bob Katter calls up. They ask him what he loves about the country. The birds and all the different gum trees. “God Bless You” Some talk about B&S balls. Zoe’s been to 14 in the last 3 years! Funny.

In the bathroom, Ange is telling Bradley what to do re: the sleeping situation with Sam. She’s got a plan to stop Estelle sleeping next to him! And it’s all because Estelle is supposedly strategising to make an alliance with Sam. Or Ange, maybe she just thinks he’s really hot like you and wants to sleep with him. Wow, this is going to turn ugly.

Layla talks to Ben about her concerns with Angie. She thinks she needs to separate herself from her (and the gossip) Ben thought Angie might have been evicted by now and that would have been a good chance for Layla to flourish. Wow, the truth is coming out tonight.

Bradley has a great idea for Ange. How about he and her hook up. She ignores him completely and asks what’s wrong with Layla… “she’s so emotional” Layla doesn’t like Ange finishing her sentences for her. Enter Ange. Conversation stops.

Layla chats to BB. Lunch was so fun, and she was really chatty but she thinks that turned off Sam. She’s really hurt, crying. She’s also angry at Angie for manipulating her…

Ange and Stacey talk about Layla outside. Ange has no idea this is all about her.

Later that night, Michael is not coping with all the intruders… he’s feeling intimidated by it – as Ben notes in the DR. He reckons Michael feels inferior to the new guy.

Layla is back with her snuggle buddy George for comfort. She admits her annoyance with Ange. “Imagine her as a girlfriend, I’d shoot myself” says George. Layla thinks she might try befriending Estelle. She’s sick of all the negativity.

Outside, Stacey says Ava doesn’t like her. Zoe’s noticed it too. There’s an awkwardness. The girls think it’s weird. Enter Ava. Conversation ends.

Michael and Josh in the bathroom. Both bummed by the intruder as it brings a “fakeness” to the house. He wants things back to normal, and everyone is putting on a show for the guests. Michael can’t be bothered talking to Sam today. Ben says he’s not a DVD they can rent, he’s in there for the long haul so there’s plenty of time to get to know him.

Josh challenges Sam to a handstand competition. Josh is very confident. It’s on, and Ange is timing Sam. “Oh what!?” Josh has no chance of beating him. Sam gets 35 seconds. “Sam wins” says Josh… his masculinity has taken a bashing. Josh has a crack. 3 seconds.

The nominees are making an Hawaiian themed dinner. They start talking Sam, and that he’s definitely taking a shining to Estelle. She says she better be careful as Ange obviously likes him too.

It’s Stacey’s radio show, and she talks about Ange’s passion for Sam. And how cute Josh and Ava are. She’s calling them the “lumberjack lovers”. Couple dressing at its best. She notes Michael is not taking Rambo Sambo’s entry too well. He likes being the alpha male…

It’s dinner conversation night and Bradley says he doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Ava doesn’t either because she needs to engage with the person… Josh butts in “unless he’s wearing a Captains hat” Funny. They talk favorite songs.. Stacey mentions The Beatles. Sam mentions Anthony Callea. Boo! Until
He mentions it’s his “song” with his mum. Aaawe…

Later on the lounge they talk personal heroes. George, his mum. Awe. Bradley, his parents and Batman and Josh who helps him get girls. Ben says this is not really true, he’s only given him bad advice!

Ava talks PDA’s. Public Displays of Affection. As an authority on the topic she thinks it’s ok as long as it doesn’t gross out people.

Bradley appologises to Estelle for not being honest in the last couple
of weeks. Awe. They hug. Nice moment.

Sam & George are doing a late night work out. Sam thinks Estelle is still intriguing. Ben comes outside to say hi…and ogle Sam’s body.

Josh and Michael are on the radio. Men’s Issues is back on, and Sam is the topic. “every female in the house is waiting for that shirt to come off”

Meanwhile Estelle and Sam are doing a late night workout, up close and personal. Sam is wasting no time. Ava heads out to the gym. Sam asks her how much she weighs… “45” I kid you not, he starts doing push ups with her sitting on top while Estelle helps. “do you know how many people would be envious of me right now” says Ava. Where’s Josh when you need a reaction!

Michael in the DR. Is not coping with Sam in the house and the change of hierarchy. There’s a faux niceness from Ava. “she hasn’t added anything to the house” Harsh. We cut to shots of her and Josh making out in the pool. “she’s got the personality of a scratched Country Practice DVD”. Haha! “perhaps she’s a VHS and I just can’t read her yet”.

Sam in the Diary Room. He thinks all the guys are nice. He thought they’d all feel a bit threatened. And he admits he is a threat. He wants to win the game.

Josh on the couch with Ange. He asks if she’s ok with the Ava sitch. Ange admits she was looking for more comfort from him during the nominations week, but she’s ok now. He apologises. He says he wishes he’d done things differently. “do it again and you’ll get bottled”

Sam says he clicks with Estelle, Ava and Ange. He invited Estelle back for a second date because she’s intriguing. Later on, Estelle and Sam chat in the kitchen. They talk about her ex and that she’s been single for 4 years. He’s never really had a girlfriend because he’s a free spirit. He loves the chase. She says it’s refreshing to be able to talk to someone who gets her. They talk sleeping arrangements! She’s still next to Ange.. they go off to bed separately…but I’m sure it won’t be for long.