Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Tonight on Big Brother… “OH MY GOD!” Enter adorable cute dog. 3 new nominees, Estelle, Angie & Ava. Layla’s in strife for talking noms and pretty boy Josh has a dilemma.

Post noms announcement and Ava and Josh cuddle on the couch. He whispers that he doesn’t think she’ll leave. Estelle looks like a weird robot patting Ava on the back. While Bradley gives Angie an awkward arm hug which is ignored completely as she stares at Ava and Josh.

Outside Layla loudly announces “I want BB to tell everyone who I did it for” meaning that she didn’t use her 6 point super power to vote for Angie (knowing that Angie will flip her lid about this)

Ava’s sure she’ll be gone. Estelle strokes her pretty hair to comfort her. Zoe comes in and gives them a big bear hug.

Ben corners Angie in the bedroom. “could be worse” (um, how?) He does his usual “consoling the enemy” routine. Angie thinks that she must be wanted out of the house more than anyone else. Yes, this is true Angie.

Layla hugs Estelle (who she nominated) and she wishes again that BB would announce who she really nommed. Um, ssssh Layla.

Angie whinges to Ben that she knew this was going to happen due to “the thing” that happened during the week, mid sentence Layla walks in “…and I don’t need cuddles!” Yikes. They all walk out of the room together. Layla smiling, trying desperately not to be the bad guy.

Angie has some alone time in the toilet. She has a sniffle in there and comes out and sees a bunch of the girls “I don’t want to talk about it”.. off to the Diary Room for a chat to BB… She wants people to “cut the crap” and stop being overly sympathetic when obviously half of them voted for her. She’s 50/50 on whether Layla actually voted for her or not. It’s hard to imagine, but she wonders whether Layla’s just in it to get to the end for the 250k…

Outside, Stacey, Estelle & Zoe. “this is the 5th time I’ve been up” says Estelle. The tears start flowing and it’s hugs all round. She doesn’t understand it, because she’s not a bitch. Why is it happening? Oh why?? Sigh.

Layla and Angie hug in the bedroom. Ange brings up her convo wih BB, clearly fishing for Layla to fill her in. “I swear on my mum’s life…”
“you can’t say anything!” says Ange.
“…well I’m just swearing on my mum’s life…”
“yeah..yeah. I know”+

BB summons Layla to the Diary Room immediately. She’s in BIG trouble for leaving Ange with no doubt about the noms. She gets a strike. 3 strikes and she’s evicted. She’s devo. Stunned. Shocked! I have no idea why. She says sorry in her whimpy little accent and sulks off.

Sam & Layla cuddle and kiss behind the couch under a blanket. She tells him about her strike and they make out some more.

The next morning, we meet the newest housemate. She’s waiting outside for them. She’s a beautiful, 4 year old homeless red Australian kelpie named Delilah. Gorgeous! The housemates are waiting inside as BB tells them to get excited as their new housemate is waiting for them. “it’s a chicken!” Estelle
“I hope it’s a dog” Stacey
BB tells them that first impressions count and to spruce themselves up! This confuses them no end.

Bradley & Michael remain on the couch unimpressed, while everyone else gets ready. “If it IS a human, and it’s NOT a girl designed just for me…I’m gonna flip a table” says Bradley. Hilarious.

BB tells everyone that the Housemate has requested to meet Zoe first. “Oh My God!!” Zoe runs with arms flailing outside towards the gorgeous Delilah. They cuddle and run around together. Delilah is so excited. The rest of the housemates are sent out in pairs for 5 minutes to bond with her and bring her up to speed on house politics. Pretty funny. Michael makes a crack about Delilah being his new best friend because “Josh has sacrificed me for Ava” oooh, harsh but fair. Josh laughs nervously.

Stacey watches Estelle from the kitchen “if she hogs the dog, I’m gonna smash her in the face” Woah. Ok. Ava and Sam are allowed to take her out of the pen and show her around the house. Delilah has a sandpit outside for going to the toilet and a cute fluffy bed inside with the other HMs. She’s allowed to roam free and promptly wees on the bedroom floor. Always funny. Stacey is traumatised.

Delilah is sent to the Diary Room. Michael and Josh join her to chat about how it’s going. Michael jokes around with Delilah about Josh’s relationship again. She is so cute and excitable.

Delilah joins the Housemates outside to hang out. Layla makes a crack about Delilah toppling Surly from the top spot. The HMs must nominate a chief carer. Zoe is promptly chosen.

Stacey, Diary Room. She loves Delilah and is so happy. “this is 2012 greatest hits…it’s better than the album”

Michael chats to Surly again! Surly’s jealous of “the mutt” and doesn’t like “that English bird” Layla anymore. He has a task for Michael. He must steal Layla’s rollers, cook them in the pizza oven, then leave them near the pool area! Yikes… Michael will be rewarded.

Ben has a theory he shares with Ava… all the older housemates have been evicted first! Could she be next? Then him? Wowsers.

Josh & Ava, Diary Room. Talk about their over the top smooching and make out sessions annoying the other HMs. It doesn’t stop them though, and it continues in the lounge. “stop being in love!!” yells Stacey.

Layla and Sam are hotting up outside. I find their relationship hard to believe actually, but they seem to be enjoying the flirtation. Be careful Layla!

Later on, Sam is working out again. He really has a fine body, FACT. Bradley and Ben are man scaping inside with clay facemasks. Funny. While Josh and Ava are making everyone want to vomit again. “then don’t look” says Josh. “I don’t, I just hear this sucking noise” says Bradley.

Josh, Diary Room. BB reminds Josh it’s Grand Final week! BB fills him in on his beloved Crows (AFL). A play by play account on their mighty rise to the finals. Josh is stoked. But how far did the Crows get?? Did they make the finals? BB will reveal all, but at a price. He gives Josh a dilemma. He must choose between his footy and his woman. Without telling any of his housemates, especially Ava, he’s not allowed to kiss her for the next 4 hours. The look on his face is priceless! This will be hilarious.

Later that day a huge storm blows in. Thunder, lightning, the works! It’s great entertainment for the housemates watching outside. But eventually they’re sent inside for safety. Bugger.

Josh’s task continues… He’s gone 3 hours so far, but it’s getting tough…

Ben, Diary Room. BB fills him in on the Josh task and wants him to make life difficult for him… Ben loves it, can’t wait. He has 1 hour! Off he goes… he plots away. Using some excuse that Sam should kiss Layla in front of everyone, so he asks Ava to kiss Josh in front of everyone to set an example the next time they’re in the lounge. Easy. But not so easy. Ava’s stalling for some reason. Ben starts panicking.The room starts cheering them on to kiss! Hilarious. Josh runs out for the Diary Room. And finally he’s won the task! BB reveals that Adelaide Crows lost. He’s devo… sad news… He pashes with Ava again to make himself feel better.

It’s late night and Stacey is encouraging Delilah to poop. Poor girl does it in the wrong spot. Stacey is hysterical. Delilah’s still learning…

Even later, Michael heads out to complete his Surly task. Layla’s curlers are burnt to a frazzle and he leaves them on the pool island… Oooh. Mysterious. He receives his reward from BB. Shampoo… Really?? Was it worth it? Shame Michael, shame.

Until tomorrow…