Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Tonight, on Big Brother: ERHMAGERD! Eviction fallout as Sarah-two-face has a big cry about everything; Benjamin & Sarah-two-face get in *BIG* trouble; The “Two Houses” challenge begins; & is Surly’s jig up? Da-da-da-da-DA!

The aftermath of evictions has the HMs on the couch contemplating life. Bradley’s taking it in his stride a little, as is Ray, but Sarah-two-face gets to spend the week being “poor Sarah”. Ray & Brad want one more win together.

Estelle is questioned by Benjamin, Layla & Sarah-two-face over the nominations super-power. She’s upset she had that advantage because she thinks others will blame her for those up for eviction.

Sarah-two-face has a conversation with BB about how she wants to punch them (the other HMs) in the face. The she starts quoting movies: “I’m just a girl, sitting here in front of Big Brother…” Sheesh. She runs out of the Diary Room somewhat dramatically.

Benjamin pops in for a Diary Room chat to share his excitement that he’s still in the house and not nominated. He doesn’t want to express his joy at not being nominated as one of his friends is up. BB asks if the confidentiality of nominations is a problem for him. “Yes, because I have a big mouth.”

Ben walks straight out and bumps into Sarah-two-face and they start talking about Ray & Bradley and that they perceive they are being two-faced. Sarah-two-face says she can see it in the eyes of the other HMs as to who she thinks nominated her, and she lists them for Benjamin. They’re interrupted by Zoe asking if they’re going in the Diary Room, which Sarah-two-face says she is to ask for her pants back that she left in the Captain’s Quarters.

“This is Big Brother. Benjamin & Sarah to the Diary Room.”

BB tells them both that for the last 40 minutes BB has been listening to their conversation. He reminds them it is a fundamental rule of BB that HMs cannot discuss nominations and especially who they think nominated them. “The two of you seem to think this rule does not apply to you – it does.” BB recounts the conversation outside the Diary Room explicitly. Both Benjamin and Sarah get offered a strike – the most serious punishment short of being evicted from the house. “Three strikes and you’re out – DON’T do it again.”

Both Benjamin and Sarah-two-face have their heads in their hands. They know they’re in trouble. As well they should.

Everyone’s prepping for the new task, knowing they’ll be working against another house. BB addresses them in the lounge telling them the challenges will last over the next weeks, and they must be represented by their Head of House. Benjamin is elected unopposed, so collects a note from the Diary Room which tells them they’re in a “marathon, not a sprint”.

The first challenge has them running a 42 km marathon against House 2. House 1 is ready to run the race, but we get a quick reveal that House 2 is simply a house on the Gold Coast somewhere and, given it’s fake existence, has the fake HMs not necessarily caring for the challenges.

Benjamin starts the race, with all HMs taking their turn to run a kilometere each. As they hit the 26 km mark they note the treadmill is suffering, with smoke pouring off the back of the platform. BB suspends the challenge for House 1 and “House 2” so it can be fixed/replaced.

Benjamin has become completely competitive – House 1 has to win. Sarah-two-face reminds Ben and Michael that she’s very funny to thirty year olds. Ben hopes there’s a house-merge at some point.

The challenge resumes with the treadmills being replaced in both houses. Benjamin starts off the next leg, and Estelle is angling for another stretch on the treadmill but the others aren’t convinced she’s the not the strongest runner. Estelle feels like she can’t get involved and starts a sulk-fest.

Sarah-two-face embraces Estelle and apologises for cutting her off and the passive aggressive toe-to-toe continues. Sheesh. There’s 12 km left and there’s still debate about letting Estelle have another go, led in part by Sarah-two-face.

Ray, George, Benjamin & Josh bring it home, while “House 2” are still recording footage for their next package. BB tells House 1 the results will be in shortly.

Ray can’t get over how hot the girls are in the other house. “Our girls are good, but those girls… phwoar… We should be in the other house.” Yes ladies, he’s single.

The results for the first House v House challenge are in. House 1 completed the 42 kms in 3 hrs 16 min 32 sec. “House 2” completed the 42 kms in 3 hrs 19 min 21 sec. House 1 goes berserk and score one point and now lead the House v House challenge. Easily nearly a boob slip from Angie with all the jumping. CENSORS BEWARE!

As House 1 won the challenge, they get a chance to see what’s happening over at “House 2”. Cue a package that looks just like a clip from the Daily Show but from “House 2”. There’s all sorts of excitement from the HMs at the footage they’ve just seen. As soon as the clip is done, Benjamin announces that he thinks they’ve been stitched up as that was the most forced conversation he’s ever seen. Sarah-two-face immediately disagrees, saying it looked very real to her. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Stacey thinks is real. The house is split in their thoughts. “It sounded like Ryan and Estelle talking,” says Ray.

Relationships become the talk of Layla, Stacey & Josh, discussing how they’re getting on with the other people in the house. “Ray’s not the kind of guys I’d spend time with by choice, you know?” says Josh.

Zoe starts cleaning the fish tank and Surly pipes up, but they barely get a conversation going when Sarah-two-face and Layla walk in and ask Zoe who she’s talking to. “Myself,” she says. Layla is super suspicious and goes to Michael to tell him what she heard. Zoe’s going to ruin this for everyone.

“Maybe Surly can talk?” Layla asks George.

Zoe has to go and ask BB if “House 2” has a pet as a challenge from Surly. In the Diary Room she learns “House 2” has an octopus called Rodney. Surly tells Zoe they have to win because he doesn’t want to be released back into the sea. He challenges Zoe to go to a HM and burst into tears, telling them she’s stressed about the challenge with the other house & that they should all work together better, but she’s not allowed to reveal Surly – if she completes it successfully, “Dinner’s on me”.

Zoe climbs into bed with Sarah-two-face to discuss how she’s feeling about the challenge. Sarah-two-face gets her to repeat some positive statements about them winning the challenge. It works – later that night, she’s called to the Diary Room to find her dinner prepared courtesy Surly.

She is, however, concerned that people are starting to become suspicious over her interactions with Surly. Particularly Layla. BB tells her she just needs to try harder. Zoe leaves the Diary Room and heads out to join the other HMs for dinner. Nigh nigh, HMs…