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Tonight, on Big Brother, Bradley manages to upset pretty much everyone simply for being a virgin. And dancey dance.

It’s another morning in the BB house, and the 14 housemates stir. Overnight BB has established a dance floor for the first weekly task, tied directly to their food budget. Success = an increased budget & gym equioment; Failure = staples and a blamestorm. While the daily bread is being made there’s still discussion of “Michael is a bogan” from the actual bogans.

George & Ryan run their daily exercise routine while perved on by Layla & someone else. The bedroom is a got bed of lust as Zoe, Sarah and Stacey talk about how hot George is. Ryan continues to prove that there’s nothing going on upstairs each time he opens his mouth, yet George & Ray lap it up. Bradley’s the discussion topic and Ryan can’t get over he doesn’t drink and is still a virgin. “What’s he been doing, man?” he asks rhetorically. Ray at least defends him offering he has a confident personality.

The first challenge dance is spring and the HMs get into it with the expected vigour and lack of talent. Everybody Dance Now.

Zoe’s finding another chance to chat with George. Again. Outside she’s studying to be a teacher; inside she’s studying anatomy. She confides in him she’s never been in a relationship. George is polite but doesn’t engage.

Groups are starting to form with Michael, Stacey, Layla and Ben forming a group away from the masses to discuss ‘more important’ things. Michael offers he felt his IQ dropping by the second which has the girls interests prick up at the mention of it.

Ryan drops a factbomb in the kitchen: “Who was on the cover of Time Magazine in 1958?” The correct answer is Charles de Gaulle, but Ryan insists it’s Hitler (who was, but in 1938). “Maybe it was 38? It had an 8 in it.” If only they had access to Google. Or actual facts.

Ryan doesn’t understand why he can sense he’s becoming a target – he should hang out with Layla, Ben, Michael and Bradley who are busily casting aspersions on him.

Grooming becomes the time waster du jour as Benjamin gets into some manscaping on Ray in the pool conversation pit. Not everyone’s keen – Layla and Angie are discussing Ray in the kitchen, but Layla’s pleased to be sharing a bed with him as he makes the bed.

As expected the girls are over-analysing every relationship they’re forming in the house. Especially a croaky Angie. Benjamin’s willing to listen if, for no other reason, he can have his say too.

Ryan and Ray agree they both feel super comfortable with each other in the bathroom. Product is shared, hair is spiked. Layla, Stacey and Estelle are preparing themselves for the first family dinner. Bradley tells Angie she’s wearing a very “tits and arse dress”. She agrees.

The HMs have themed the night as their ‘third date night’ – what ever you’d wear on your third date. The boys are told to grab their date when a few date they are all going together. Bradley complains this is just like his school formal where 15 girls went together and he went alone.

At the dinner table Josh offers a toast to the new HMs and they all dig in. Rissoles are shared as a rite of passage for Layla. There’s discussion of asulym seekers where some of the HMs start to reveal their true colours, right before Stacey almost assaults Bradley by telling him to eat his greens. Brad marginally offends Stacey by calling her older than him – which she is. STOP THE BOATS!

Bradley continues to upset Stacey by suggesting he doesn’t want her to ‘deflower him’ – which she said she doesn’t want to do – but that’s the signals he’s getting. Stacey walks away with her mouth on the floor.

Angie pulls Bradley aside to explain to him why Stacey is upset. He thought it was all a joke, but Angie explains “She’s so quick witted people forget she has a breaking point”. ERHMAGERD – worst explanation ever. The dissection continues in the bathroom with Ray, Josh, Angie, Stacey & Estelle. They realise he’s too young and doesn’t quite understand yet.

Michael appears to say good night as he’s off to bed as his throat is killing him. Stacey walks him to the bedroom and continues to spread her wisdom over the conflict with Bradley. “Everything he says to me it’s like he stabs me in the face,” she says. Benjamin and Charne (Char-ne) discuss the conflict separately. Just as well it wasn’t a real problem – imagine if they had to sort out actual disagreement?!

George & Estelle’s conversation is cut short when BB calls the girls to the Parlour to have them put their heads together to try to match the boys to the secrets. They’re wrong with their guesses on the millionaire, and Layla asserts Michael is the genius. Their first draft has George being a juvenile offender and Benjamin as the millionaire, Michael as the genius, and Ray having been fired from every job he’s had.

The boys have reverted to a surprising topic of discussion: politics. Bradley works hard to set Benjamin straight on how politicians work. The girls are released while the boy’s political discussion continues. Ryan and Layla offer they know nothing and aren’t qualified to discuss it. Case in point: Ryan drops another factbomb offering Gordon Brown is the current PM of Britain. ERH-MA-GERD!

Ryan’s headed into the diary room to discuss his experience thus far. He’s had a great day, feels comfortable with everyone, and when prompted about his relationships with the female housemates he’s confident that he’s getting along well with them. Ryan likes to keep his fellow housemates on their toes, keeping them flicking through the book of Ryan. When asked by BB how many chapters in the book of Ryan, he offers he doesn’t know. There’s still so much to be written.

A disco tune starts up and the HMs rush over to the stage, glam up and dance on. It’s over all too quickly for them all, though Benjamin takes to some table dancing in a very strappy dress and then throws himself in the pool.

Bradley is keen to continue the political discussion, but no one else is really interested. Josh & Estelle are getting cosier on the couch in the group and BB seems to be intent on making Bradley look uncomfortable with it.

Ray pops in for a discussion with BB, where he’s grilled as to his relationship with his fellow housemates. Ray notes that Brad and he don’t really have a lot in common, not that Ray is trying to connect with him on common ground.

Later in bed, Stacey pops over for a ‘cud-cud’ with Michael, and then she settles in for a conversation with Bradley about ‘poli-tis-ians’. It last two seconds before Josh sends her on her way. The music kicks in again and the HMs rush out to the dance floor to get dressed and get dancing. It’s a rave so there’s not many costumes and lots of glowsticks and pretend ecstasy taken.

They all head back to the bedroom – again – and the relationship between Stacey and Brad starts to repair itself through off-handed comments gain. All is well with the world as they snuggle in for the night. Nigh-nigh, HMs.