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As we all know, one of our treasured housemates Josh has suffered a tragic and personal loss and has left the BB house to be with his family. The housemates have been given time and privacy to process this news and voting lines are currently suspended. Last night’s episode was filmed prior to Josh leaving the house.

Me thinks it might be a bit chilly for the poor old Blue housemates stuck outside on camper beds for the night. Having lost a challenge in their weekly team task, they were banned from the bedroom and forced to brave the elements, while the Red team wake in the warm comfort of the bedroom.

(If you’ve missed it: the house has been split in to Red and Blue teams for this week’s task- with strict rules on living arrangements, food and fraternising).

Red Team Dr Ben sets the tone for the morning in his wake up chat with Zoe, advising that despite how difficult it might have been for the Blue team, they should approach the day with Zen-like attitudes…not only will this improve their chi but also Drive. The. Red. Team. Crazy. Which is totes what the Art of Zen is all about, innit?

Stacker is Team White- she is Switzerland in her little team of one, making like Heidi as she wanders the proverbial hillsides of the BB house trying to keep the love.**

Ben thinks it might be wise for Stacker to use her powers of neutrality and have a sisterly chat to Estelle about her alleged narking of Angie.

Whilst Red team wake in their beds, Blue Team have the only access to the kitchen, helping themselves to brekky whilst the gorgeous Michael (I don’t care what y’all say) has a little grumble about his lack of sleep. “It’s the hardest thing psychologically…Physically it’s fun, but it’s got this ‘us vs them’ mentality that I don’t get involved in.”

I’m with you Michael- I can cope without about anything, other than a crap night’s sleep.

The next battle is about to begin as BB calls housemates to arms, in a fight for the next territorial prize. Winners get exclusive use of the swimming pool, the battle ground: the pool table.

Coordination is not at its best this time of morning, so I think we can forgive the girls their unco-ness.
Team Blue reigns as poor old Layla struggles to hit the coloured balls instead of the black and white ones and loses the challenge for the red team, who retire to their makeshift kitchen facility outside and sit down to a shared breakfast of water and one shared anchovy. Appetising, not to mention sustaining.

Switzerland Stacker chats to BB in the neutral diary room, speculating that this challenge may bring the red team closer together.

Lying in the sun with Michael she learns that this is not the case for the blue team, which seems to be purely existing and going through the motions rather than working together and bonding. Team Red continue to nibble at the anchovy and speculate whether Team Blue hates them because they are enjoying their team so much, while Stacey and Michael continue to tease out the “iss-youse” of Team Blue, including Sam’s seeming lack of depth.

Stacker continues the peace talks with Team Blue in the kitchen, as Angie lets on that the temptation of talking to the other team would almost be worth losing the challenge over.

Michael goes to the diary room to continue his diatribe on how awful he feels being separated from the others (read: Josh). Stacey decides to lighten the mood for Team Blue with some interpretive dance in the living room.

Michael has a theory that Blue Team does have the Hot People, with Sam and Bootylicious Estelle & Angie, but removes himself from the category (what?!?!) although he does say that as the resident pool boy he does have the men and women of Australia “schvitzin’” (which is a Jewish/Yiddish word for getting all hot and sweaty).
Team Red chill in the bedroom, giving Zoe and Josh an opportunity to remind Layla to keep her options open as she is barely “scratching the surface of Aussie boys” with Sam, thanks Zoe.

BB calls HMs to the living room and announces that the territorial battle for the bathroom is to commence, with Angie (blue) and Ben (red) fighting it out over a game of Guess Who.

Nail-biting stuff in the diary room, tension is high as the housemates watch on. Devastation for team Red however, as Angie correctly guesses Ben’s hidden identity, wining the bathroom for team Blue. So, whilst blues luxuriate with hot water and soap, red have a cold bucket shower outside. Positive attitudes cannot be washed away with ice cold water it seems, as the reds still have high spirits over keeping their precious bedroom.

Chatting outside, Layla wonders whether Angie does in fact have a building crush on Sam, and the nature of their relationship on the blue team. Perfect timing as Big Brother sends Stacey on another peace keeping mission, inviting Layla and Sam to unite in Switzerland. Whilst cheese, bikkies and other Swiss delight are on offer, Sam has but one question: “Am I allowed to talk to her?” (which of course actually means “snog” as Sam goes straight for the smooch, delighting Layla and totally grossing out Swacker – that’s Swtizerland Stacker).

I am going out on a limb here in saying Sam is lot more sensitive than he lets on. He of the Abs was like a little puppy as he said he missed “Cutie-patootie” Layla, and couldn’t wait to see her face again. Awwww. The lovers are given a show by Stacey and her cowbells, before being left to pasherooni, I mean chat in private.

Sam tells Layla he’s been feeling down not just because they have been apart but he feels this challenge may impact greatly on his chances of staying in the house.

In the kitchen, Angie is preparing dinner and tells Stacey how hard it must be for Sam and Layla being separated in this challenge.

BB calls Zoe to the diary room and tells her she has a message form her Mum and Dad- big news considering Zoe didn’t tell her family she was going in to the house. Cue tears kids. Very touching stuff.

The red team is visited by Swacker in their outdoor kitchen diner, Ben is feeling guilty over his Guess Who battle loss. Cracks are starting to show now peeps, Dr Ben is feeling weirdness from Swacker and doesn’t know how to handle it.

Josh throws in that it must be hard to be on the outside of both teams, but even with this, Ben is starting to examine the crack a little too closely. Possibly a bit harsh, given the closeness of his relationship with Swacker, but we’re at the business end now so I suppose this questioning of each other is somewhat inevitable…???

Michael is caught out for fraternising with a red team pillow and is sent to the naughty corner. Not for long though as shortly after Sam takes his place for fraternising in the neutral chair. Fail.

In the red bedroom, Ben and Layla give Swacker a pep talk about her missing mojo, with Ben confronting her about her demeanour, basically telling her to snap out of it. So everybody still loves everybody. We think.

Stacey is allowed to choose two more housemates to visit Switzerland, so she gives the prize to Angie and Ben. I feel another pep talk from Dr Ben coming on…and before long we have tears from Angie, who doesn’t feel she is accepted in the house……..screws are tightening.

**(ok, 12 year olds, to ‘Stay Switzerland’ means you don’t take sides, just the country Switzerland in just about every war and foreign policy debate. It means you’re neutral.
‘Heidi’ is a story about a little Swiss girl who used to roam the mountains with the goats and eat cheese. Read it.)

SteveMolk’s note: Due to a technology failure, this is all IslandGirlAU got to see of Thursday’s ep – if you want to add in the final part for completion – leave a comment!**