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Coming up tonight, on Big Brother: Angie is not happy with the continued talks surrounding Angie and Josh’s relationship, Layla isn’t coping and a “hoedown showdown” with housemates becoming cowboys, battling against imaginary “house 2”.

Housemates were up and about in the kitchen, with a new addition to the Big Brother album: “Oats-alla-Layla”, referring to how Layla cooks oats for all housemates every morning, more on that shortly.

George and Benjamin talk about the house sized elephant in the room, “House 2” and the daunting look of the 1-3 score of the inter-house challenges.

Ray and Benjamin are getting suspicious of the scores in the backyard. Ray believes ‘2’ was changed to ‘3’ on fake “house 2’s” score card by Big Brother overnight.

The girls (Angie, Layla, Zoe and Estelle) are in the bedroom reflecting on last night’s cake fight, in particular Bradley’s protest and visit to the diary room. Angie struggled to understand his attitude. Angie thought that Bradley going to Big Brother was not necessary as all housemates are adults. Estelle adds that she would have liked it if Bradley had discussed it with them first.

The next Captain’s Quarters challenge is up. Housemates have 1 minute to pair up in the bedroom. The roller door is raised to the backyard, housemates find kissing stations. Housemates are perky and enthused about this challenge. Housemates are given wooden hearts. The winning couple must hold the heart up using both of their lips for the longest.

George and Ray won, and have been given a night away in the Captain’s Quarters. This is George’s first time in the Captain’s Quarters, and Ray is sure to show George around.

“Oats-alla-Layla” is discussed by Ray and George. Ray complains that Layla is not entitled to her own song, if he isn’t given a song. He says that he spends more time doing the dishes than Layla does cooking oats for all housemates.

Angie, Zoe, Layla and Stacey are in the bedroom talking about difficulties they have with Ray. Angie says that they “try”, but believe that he may be oblivious to his behaviour.

Another conversation pops up about the Jangie (Josh/Angie) relationship. I promise I won’t use that disgusting nickname again.

Angie believes her role is to make Josh happy when he needs to be cheered up. Zoe sympathises, understanding why the have each other. Estelle takes charge, explaining Josh & Angie is a “Non-Love” relationship. Angie believes she treats Josh the same way she treats Michael. Angie declares that they know where they are at and are on the same page and would prefer if fellow housemates would stop talking about it, as it makes it awkward between the pair.

Zoe visits the diary room confessing she feels lonely and unsure about herself.
“Thought I knew myself, yeah I’m confident and comfortable with myself…”
Zoe says that she thinks that the group is great, but she feels that she can’t go over and have a conversation with any of them.

Head of Household #1, Benjamin is finding it difficult to lead a winning house if they are all doubting it’s existence. In the diary room, Big Brother insists Ben worries too much and he must lead his group around him and he must empower them.

Benjamin leaves the diary room and rejoins his fellow housemates in the lounge. He says to the housemates that they should adapt a “Ray attitude”.

A “hoedown showdown” dance demonstration video was played to housemates. The housemates are told that they will have to learn it and perform it later in the day.

Zoe has been enlisted as choreographer for the task as she has a country dancing background.

Josh and other housemates in the kitchen feel that Bradley may not have any rhythm, and starts a beat and gets Bradley to dance with the beat. He does his “CRAY CRAY” promo dance, which you may remember.

Sarah drags Estelle for a 1-on-1 tutorial on how to perfect their dances. Sarah was irritating Benjamin who was given “strict instruction” that there can only be one choreographer.

Housemates have been given costumes to perform their hoedown showdown in. Big Brother directs House 1 to perform first. This whole thing screams of royalty-free music, although I could be wrong… Cover band anyone? Housemates are pretty well synchronised, and are pleased with their performance.

The dance choreographer’s voice booms into the house, informing them that House 1 had won this week’s inter-house challenge. Subsequently, the housemates cheer.

Ray and George return to the Captain’s Quarters. Layla has discovered that from the backyard bathroom, she can hear a conversation between Ray and George through the shared wall. George talks about how he enjoys kissing Layla and his time with her. He also talks about his on-off girlfriend on the outside, and how he may try to rekindle his relationship with her when he leaves the house. Stacey asks Layla if keeping the Gayla (George/Layla – I won’t do that again either) relationship going is what Layla wants. Layla asks “why would he want to be kissing me on TV and get back with her?”.

A montage of Ray and George pampering themselves in the Captain’s Quarters follows. Ray loves it. Also suggests George is gay because he enjoys the smell of the candle. Ray also declares that he has bad cuticles. Informative, and totally worth the airtime.

The housemates are given the opportunity to write a 100-word letter for House 2 as a goodwill gesture. The housemates spend a significant amount of time deliberating. Layla becomes upset as a result of her addition to the letter being wiped off the whiteboard.

“Dear House Two,
It’s really exciting to have this opportunity to write to you. Congratulations on your two wins.
We like to relate our lives to the Rihanna song “We found Love in a Hopeless Place” and we really feel this has been a great chance to meet amazing people in an extraordinary environment.

We hope your experience has been as fulfilling as ours. Best of luck into the next round of up & coming challenges. Looking forward to having a drink with you all @ the end of this (more than just one)

Love & LOL’s
House 1
P.S. We hope Greta & Tyson’s relationship is blossoming”

Layla walks out of the kitchen once the letter is done. Layla, Stacey and Angie have a quick D&M in the backyard bathroom. Layla talks about how she feels ignored, and then Angie contributes by saying that she’s totally in the same situation as Layla. Victims.

Layla visits the diary room, upset that she isn’t being listened to and her conversations are not valued. Tears and all that stuff follow. The letter was clearly the last straw for Layla.

Sarah suggests Bradley makes a start on doing the washing. Bradley is stunned that he is being told to do chores after everyone has picked up the slack for him. Estelle and Michael also pitch into the conversation, Michael tasking him with the dishes.

House 1 is treated to a very short look at some house 2 action. This stuff could not look any more fake. Why have the housemates not picked up on this? House 1 thinks this stuff is hilarious.

Benjamin is called to the diary room to collect a letter from “house 2”.

“Thanks for the cake it tasted goooood!
We were lucky to win that one! We watched your episode and we reckon you are funnier, but we are hotter. Also, your house is bigger. Hope Big Bro lets us move into it once we smash you at the challenges, laugh out loud. The challenges are stressful but have brought us together as a group, good luck. See you at the after party?… If you exist.

House 2.”

Jokes all around, specifically fake housemate Greta.

Ben visits the diary room to return the letter, offering Big Brother all the housemates’ clothes for a day in return for a full episode of Big Brother: House 2.

Housemates talks about imaginary “house 2”, joking about the imaginary housemates, including an impression by Michael.

Angie brings up the Josh & Angie relationship topic again with Layla. Layla then mentions overhearing George and Ray’s conversation in the Captain’s Quarters.

In a conversation with Zoe, Benjamin says to Michael needs to stop trying to play up to the “genius” thing (if you’ve been living under a Big Brother house-sized rock, Michael’s secret was that he has the IQ of a genius). Benjamin gives a word of advice to Zoe, telling her to be herself.

The Big Brother daily show has come to an end, and we transition to Big Brother Confidential. I’m going to be honest, I find the cheesy jokes a bit hard to bare.

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