Big Brother Australia 2012 FINALE – Wed 7pm, Ch9

Welcome to the finale recap of Big Brother Australia!

Housemates, the final 3, Estelle, Benjamin and Layla are sitting in the island of the Big Brother pool, Big Brother tells them to watch the screen, which has been put in place in the gym area. They will watch some of the show.

We’re now shown a warm up package of the challenges of the season and how big the season has been.

Sonia walks down the red carpet and welcomes us to the show. We then go to the stage. The housemates performing ‘Oats Ala Layla’ is played on the screen, and housemates appear with pots and pans doing a choreographed dance performance to the song.

Next up, PSY comes up on screen welcoming us to the finale of Big Brother. ‘Gangnam style’ plays and housemates do another choreographed dance, and then ‘Party Rock Anthem’ plays, and of course housemates continue dancing. The housemates inside the house watch their performance. The song ends, and the theme song plays. Sonia comes out of the eye, and begins her welcome remarks. Sonia then crosses to the house to chat to the final 3.

Sonia throws to a commercial break, with a shot of the Holden car for the winner in the background, and then a shot of a security guard holding a brief case with $250,000.


A package rolls with a recap of the big challenges of the year.

Sonia is back, and throws to house action from last night, and today.

Layla, Benjamin and Estelle are in the kitchen, eating a Thai dinner provided by Big Brother, talking about whether they’ve found love in the house. Later on, housemates are on the pods, talking about the series and their achievements and what they should be proud of themselves for.

Big Brother calls Estelle to the diary room.

Layla and Benjamin are on the pods, talking about Estelle and some of the things Estelle has been doing lately that has annoyed them.

In the diary room, Estelle talks about the dynamic in the house and how she’s feeling in the lead-up to the finale.

Sonia’s back on stage, but then she throws back to house action.

The lights in the bedroom, as well as the high-quality, royalty-free wake-up music go on for the final time, waking up the housemates on their final day. Big Brother greets housemates for the morning. Housemates make their beds. The final three go to the Captain’s Quarters, where they find a big, luscious breakfast for their final morning.

The housemates talk about how they’re feeling and trying to comprehend the completion of 3 months in the Dreamworld bungalow.

Sonia’s on stage and throws to a commercial break, but not before a little bit of a recap of the adventures of Surly.


We recap on weeks 1-4 in a recap package. The final 3 watch from the backyard.

Sonia’s on stage, and calls Charne, Sarah and Ryan on stage. They walk down the aisles, and join Sonia on stage. They have a quick interview about their time in the real world, and then they sit on stage.

We’re now shown a week 5-7 recap package.

Sonia’s on stage and she welcomes Ray, George and Ava onto the stage. They each walk down the aisles of the audience and join Sonia on the center of the catwalk. Sonia interviews the three evictees from week 5-7 about their time in the real world since leaving the house. The three go and sit down on stage.

Sonia throws to a commercial break.


Week 8-10 package rolls, once again, housemates within the house watch on.

Sonia then calls Josh, Angie and Bradley to the stage for a quick chat.

Sonia crosses to the house to have a chat. A bit of mudslinging happens between Estelle and Benjamin. Layla acting clueless, or being clueless, I don’t know.

Sonia leads us into a commercial break, we first watch a package of some fun times with Big Brother.


Sonia’s back on stage, and throws to a week 11 & 12 recap VT. Housemates watch on.

Sonia welcomes Sam, Stacey, Zoe and Michael to the stage, for quick interview.

Sonia now crosses to the house, and is now about to evict one of the final 3.

The housemate with the lowest votes to win, it’s time to go… ESTELLE!

Estelle leaves the house to beaming lights at the door, she’s gone. Layla and Benjamin remain in the house, the final 2 for 2012.


Estelle is called out on stage by Sonia. Out she comes!

Estelle and Sonia have a quick chat on stage.

Time for a Estelle & Michael love VT, it ends in pashing.

More chatting on stage.

Reflection of “Which Estelle are ya’ gonna get?” package.

More chatting on stage.


#3 – “Estelle & Ava, BFF’s”

#2 – “The Nomination Queen”

#1 – “Giving B-Rad his first kiss”

KFC awards Estelle $5,000 for being in 3rd place.

And finally, Estelle’s best bits VT. Afterwards, Estelle joins her fellow ex-housemates.


And we’re back! Sonia throws to the house.

On the screen in the house, Peter Overton leads a Nine News bulletin of a few of the news stories from the last 3 months.

Sonia’s back on stage, and throws to Mike Goldman in the audience with Benjamin and Layla’s loved ones.

And back to Sonia, throwing to another commercial break.


We’re back, and it’s another musical number, dancing to ‘Good Feeling’ by Flo Rida. The housemates relay a clipboard to each ex-housemate in a music video style. which takes the steadicam from the auditorium, through backstage and into the production offices.This was pre-recorded. All of the ex-housemates then enter the Big Brother house in a conga line, Bradley carrying the briefcase with the $250,000 cash prize inside. There are fireworks around the roofing of the house. Bradley leaves the briefcase inside the backyard, and the housemates continue the conga line out through the portal.

Sonia has a chat to the final 2, and then throws to a commercial break.


We’re back, and now with a tease package narrated by Mike Goldman.

Sonia’s on stage, and crosses to the house. It’s time to reveal the winner, of Big Brother Australia, 2012.

The winner of Big Brother 2012, and $250,000, plus a Holden SRI-V is…BENJAMIN!

Benjamin is incredibly shocked and in tears, Stacey and Zoe are hugging in celebration in the auditorium. Layla is consoling Benjamin in his shock.

Big Brother now booms into the house, telling Layla that she has now been evicted, and it’s time for her to leave the house. Benjamin sings a bit of ‘Oats A la Layla’, and the crowd follows on.

Big Brother booms into the house again, congratulating Benjamin for winning Big Brother.

While Layla is being transported to the auditorium, we watch Benjamin in disbelief, roaming around the house. He ends up getting a drink, and repeating to himself “I won”, after checking out if the money in the briefcase was real. Benjamin has no idea what to do, he’s rattled.

Back in the auditorium, Sonia calls Layla out onto the stage.

Sonia and Layla have a chat.

Time for a package of Layla as she develops herself from a fresh off the boat Kiwi and Brit, to an Australian sheila.

We now watch Benjamin in the bedroom, trying to pack his case, as well as trying to carry his $250,000 and his luggage.


#3 – “Lovestruck Layla”

#2 – “Ditzy Brit”

#1 – “Oats-A-La-Layla”

KFC has given $10,000 to Layla, for being runner up.

Layla’s best bits VT now roll.

Sonia gives Layla the keys to her new Holden Volt.

We head into another commercial break, watching Benjamin dealing with a whole lot of luggage, and of course his $250,000. 😉


We’re back, and Benjamin is sitting by the portal, with his $250,000. Big Brother booms into the house, instructing Benjamin to take his final looks around the backyard. The portal opens, and his mum enters the backyard in a tearful reunion. I am a little tearful watching this. Big Brother instructs Benjamin’s mother, Jane to leave the house, she leaves through the portal.

We cross to the diary room, where Sonia is sitting. She’s about to exit the diary room and surprise Benjamin.

Big Brother booms into the house, instructing him to go to the lounge room. Sonia is laying on the couch, clutching her microphone. Benjamin talks to Sonia.

Sonia and Benjamin walk outside the house, holding hands and walking to the portal. Benjamin says goodbye to the house, and a video package containing his ex-housemates saying lovely things about him, with a montage of Benjamin’s best bits.

Back on stage, Benjamin comes out of the eye, and greeted by all of his ex-housemates, confetti falling from the roof. He joins Sonia at the end of the catwalk.

Final voting stats:

31% – Layla

40% – Benjamin

29% – Estelle

Sonia and Benjamin chat on stage, and lead into a package of Benjamin, stirring the pot.

Benjamin and Sonia talk more, and Sonia sends us to a commercial break. We are sent out with a package of Stacey and Benjamin doing interpretive dance with a big ribbon.


Sonia hands the briefcase of cash to Benjamin, and shocks him by telling him that the car in the Big Brother backyard is his as well, thanks to Holden.

We now watch Benjamin’s best bits montage.

Sonia now welcomes out Benjamin’s partner, Ben for an on stage reunion.

And what is this? Benjamin gets on one knee, and proposes to Ben, with a diamond, but not a ring. The diamond was Benjamin’s Great Grandfather’s in which he bought Benjamin’s Great Grandmother, and was worn on his parents wedding day. He said that he wanted him to be a part of his family, and didn’t want anyone to tell him they couldn’t be together. Sonia leads us off. Fireworks on top of the auditorium burst, and then a package, reflecting on the best and worst of Big Brother’s conversations with housemates in the diary room. The lights are shut off in each part of the house in between a montage of memorable moments of the show, echoing. That’s the end of the show, and a whopping series of Big Brother! And we’re about 30 minutes over time!

We’ve had our ups and downs, and I’d like to thank you for reading and commenting on my recaps, and the recaps of my fellow recappers here on MolksTVTalk!

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