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Welcome to the 11th Big Brother eviction for 2012! Up for the chop tonight, STACEY, BENJAMIN and ESTELLE. Who will go? All will be revealed in tonight’s Big Brother recap!

An opening sizzler rolls as usual to warm us up for tonight’s evictorial ceremony.

Opening titles roll and Sonia is now on stage.

In a cheer gauge, Stacey comes up on top, followed up in second is Estelle and then Benjamin. The cheers are crazy, three very popular characters in this years’ season.

The percentages of SAVE votes are revealed at this point in the program. But of course, we do not know who these percentages belong to.

46% – ?

30% – ?

24% – ?

We now watch a reflection reel of this week in the Big Brother house.

And now it’s time for some house action!

Estelle and Sam are in the gym area working out, joking about Estelle’s fat rolls, that don’t really exist. Zoe watches on.

In the bedroom, Zoe and Layla are chatting about Estelle. Layla is worried that Estelle has been flirting with Sam.

Zoe visits the diary room, telling Big Brother about Layla’s concern.

In the backyard, housemates Stacey and Michael race each other with the assistance of Big Brother as timekeeper. Stacey runs just over 10 seconds in her lap around the pool. Michael beats it, just over 8 seconds. Big Brother announces a summer surprise in the kitchen hatch, watermelon baskets, made out of carved watermelon, filled with chopped watermelon.


We’re back in the house for some more house action. Estelle is making weird noises (what’s new?), but for once is entertaining other housemates with those noises, Michael confused as to how Estelle actually made that noise.

Sonia announces that voting lines have now closed.

More house action! Big Brother announces that he is in a nice mood, and calls Sam and Estelle to the nice corner, much to Layla’s dismay. Estelle and Sam pamper each other with foot massages. Stacey and Layla look on from the backyard through the doors, talking about the flirting Estelle has been doing with Sam.

Layla visits the diary room, giving Big Brother the evil-eye for him putting Sam in the nice corner with Estelle.

Sonia throws us to an AD BREAK.

We’re back! We reflect on Benjamin’s week being nominated, and his feelings.

It’s time for more house action. Benjamin collects mail from the mailboxes placed in the backyard for each housemate. Benjamin retrieved mail for Michael, which was a pass for a Thai dinner for two. Michael visits the diary room, expressing his confusion when deciding who he will share some Thai food with. Stacey makes up the decision for him, saying that she is on a detox currently.

The Thai food is delivered, as the rest of the housemates are preparing food for themselves from their staple food budget. Once they finish their meal, they retire to the pods in the backyard, sitting in each other’s arms together watching the stars. Zoe comes over to chat, but it is evident that seeing her beloved Michael close with Estelle was upsetting her.

Benjamin walks past to say goodnight to Zoe, Estelle and Michael. He enters the bedroom where he finds Stacey.

Benjamin: “Did you see Michael all over Estelle?”

Stacey: “He’s trying to play it cool.”

Benjamin: “He said to me, that he’s like, ‘I don’t like her’.”

Benjamin: “I said like, he doesn’t like her as a person?”

Stacey: “Really?”

Benjamin: “And then now he’s like…”

Stacey: “They’re BFFs.”

Michael kisses Estelle good night, multiple times, right in front of Zoe.

Stacey’s week of being nominated reflection package rolls.


Estelle’s week of being nominated reflection package rolls.

Sonia welcomes us back, and now talks to the house. Sonia asks questions to each of the nominees.

Sonia reveals that there have been more SAVE votes in this week’s eviction alone, and that the person with the lowest votes would have been safe in any other eviction of the series.

The first housemate SAFE tonight is ESTELLE. Just kill me.


We’re back, and the writer of this post is not writing in a positive resolve right now.

Sonia crosses to the house, and is now going to reveal who is SAFE, and who is EVICTED tonight. After receiving the least votes to save them, it’s time to go… STACEY. Feck this show.

Stacey is given the 10 second call by Big Brother, now evicted from the Big Brother house.

She leaves the house, and Sonia calls her up on stage.

Stacey worries that audience can see up her dress.

The final voting tally:

46% – Estelle

30% – Benjamin

24% – Stacey

Stacey wonders why Estelle would have received the most votes.

It’s time to find out who nominated Stacey this week. Zoe, Sam’s mum, and Layla’s super power which knocked Sam out of the nominations firing line.

We now watch a package of the Stacey and Benjamin friendship that has just constantly evolved from the beginning, well kind of. It was mainly footage of housemates complaining about Stacey not giving a lot of space to talk.


We come back, with a package of every time Stacey greeted Big Brother in the diary room.


#3 – ‘Delilah’s BFF’

#2 – ‘Mrs Ryan Gosling’

#1. – ‘Killing the Tofu’

And it’s time for Stacey’s best bits VT.

Stacey reveals that she would love Benjamin to win, but things that either Benjamin or Layla will win, and does not want to give Estelle any gratification. You go girl!

Sonia announces that all votes are now to WIN. Voting numbers roll.

It’s the end. Don’t talk to me.

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Meep ya’ later.