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Time for another Big Brother eviction! We reflect quickly in a cold open package on the fight between Angie and Layla, and a reminder of who is nominated for the public vote this week.

Sonia’s out as the lady in red, the colour scheme of the lights in the eye matching her dress as she walks through.

Current standings for votes to SAVE at beginning of episode:




Rolling packages of the housemates begging for your votes. Estelle with a stupid lavender hanging off her ear, George says that everyone else has university degrees, and we should keep the tradie in, and Bradley makes an attempt to woo the ladies by ripping his shirt open.

We watch a package now of a week 6 wrap up, and then Sonia makes reference to ‘Big Bang Theory’ with a “BAZINGA”. No Sonia.

Now a package of Angie Vs. Layla, we saw some footage we had not seen before. Angie yelled directly into Layla’s face.

House action time!

Angie is talking to Benjamin, worrying about how everything is going to look. If anyone should be worried in this situation, it is Angie and how batshit crazy she looks. Angie still believes that Layla is definitely in the wrong in the way she approached it after everything she did for her.

Bradley, Layla and Josh are called to the diary room, tasked to give Bradley a makeover. Housemates are in the backyard, and Bradley comes out to show off his new look. Housemates applaud with joy, Bradley appears again in outfit number 2, another crowd pleaser, and then outfit number 3, a formal clothing ensemble. Definitely a crowd pleaser, Zoe ravages him, as a joke of course.

Sonia comes back, suggesting that “Bradley looks HOT!”. Well, you know what they say… Kruger the Cougar.

Voting lines have now closed, and it’s time for some commercial messages. We will find out who is SAFE from tonight’s eviction after the break.

Sonia announces that it is the closest eviction, 1% difference between nominees SAVE votes.

House action time! Angie and Layla have agreed to talk about their clash. Angie feels ashamed that she let herself get to that level in the argument in Friday’s episode. Layla says that she had an epiphany this week, and believes that they don’t need to be attached to each other.

Layla is in the diary room and says that she’s moved the bar in the relationship, if Angie was someone in the outside world they would not have reconciled their differences.

Josh and Ava are in the backyard, watching the stars from the comfort of the synthetic turf. Bradley goes to the diary room to thank Big Brother for the makeover.

Michael does a nudie run in the backyard, jumping over Josh and Ava.

Layla sits on the side of Sam’s bed to talk about the day with Sam, including Bradley’s makeover. Angie looks on, clearly not impressed.

More house action after the break. We study the love triangle between Josh, Michael and Ava.

Michael is in the diary room talking about the bromance. And then moves onto talking about Sam. He says that Sam is just a smarter version of Ryan.

Benjamin goes to the diary room, complaining everyone is a ‘meaper’. A ‘meaper’ is someone who randomly comes up to a conversation and says things for no reason – “Having fun is fun!” or “Great work with the shopping list!” (clearly defining Estelle).

Michael and Layla are called to the diary room, an insane amount of KFC is delivered to the house, Ka-Ching! The housemates are literally coating themselves chicken grease.

Sonia is back after some advertisements. Sonia is now going to cross to the house to have a quick chat, breaking the “Zero communication with the outside world” rule. Time to break the news of the SAFEST nominee tonight.

The housemate safe with the most votes this week is ESTELLE. She’s got that stupid lavender in her hair, and nobody in the house is impressed that Estelle has been saved.

Sonia pulls a good ol’ prank and says “It’s time to go… to a break”.

Sonia’s back, and the time has come. Time to find out who will be leaving tonight.

It’s time to go… GEORGE! Much swearing ensues, resulting in beeeeeep, beeeeep, beeeeeep.

George is swiftly catapulted to the auditorium, joining Sonia on stage.

The SAVE percentages for the public vote:

31% –  Bradley

39% – Estelle

30% – George

It was revealed to George that Josh and Michael nominated him for the public vote.

Sonia and George chat on stage, George says that he didn’t really have the same dynamic with Michael and Josh, University graduates, as he has with his tradie work mates.

Overall, it’s quite an awkward conversation – I feel like Sonia was going to slide off her chair. Too much information? Doth the proverbial as the housemates say.

We return from an ad break, and it’s now time for George’s KFC Top 3 ‘So Good’ Moments:

#3 – ‘Quiz Non-Master’

#2 – ‘Calls Layla Ava’

#1 – ‘Romance!’

Time for George to bestow the nominations super power upon a housemate, and that housemate is… LAYLA.

It’s time for George’s best and worst bits from his time in the house, which is now over – heh. He could probably buy back his place in the house.

George believes that Zoe will win, he wants either Zoe or Bradley to win.

Also, no eviction next week due to the NRL, the eviction will return on Sunday, 2nd October.

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I’ll see you Friday!

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