Big Brother Australia – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9

Welcome to the show! The opening sizzler rolls, opening titles roll and Sonia’s on stage. She does a spin on the centre of the catwalk.

The voting percentages at the beginning of the program are as follows:

21% – ?

10% – ?

23% – ?

11% – ?

16% – ?

19% – ?

Of course we don’t know WHO those percentages belong to, but we will find out later in the program once the housemate has been evicted. Alternatively you can scroll down, you CHEAT.

We’re shown some pleas from each of the nominees. And also a reflection of the week that was.

Now it’s time for some house action.

Layla and Sam go to the diary room requesting a date be set up. Big Brother grants their wishes, providing a cosy dinner for two in the bedroom.

In the backyard, housemates are walking back from taking a sneak peek at the dinner for two set up for Layla and Sam in the bedroom. Benjamin walks out, beer in hand conceding: “Do you know what Ange? I hate them!” and then kicks both microphone stands into the pool saying “Hi Sam, Hi Layla, can you swim? CAN YOU SWIM? Oh no you can’t! You can’t swim! DROWN! DROWN! Sink to the bottom!” – Another very funny moment thanks to Benjamin.

Sam asks Layla who her least favourite housemate is. She says that Benjamin is her least favourite, saying that he does mean well but he can be really mean about people. She then says that Benjamin is probably bitching about the pair while they’re eating. We then cut to footage of Benjamin talking to the other housemates about how boring the conversation would be between Sam and Layla.

Benjamin: “You know what Sam is saying to Layla right now? He looks at her and says ‘I know where the cutlery goes, I know what drinks go well with this degustation. These chocolates would be complimented with a warm Port, Attorni Port’ and d’ya know what Layla turns around and says? She says ‘I dorrn’t like Port! I dorrn’t like cutluryyy!”

Sam and Layla finish their dinner and are pashing in the bedroom before returning to the rest of the group.

Ad break

House action again, Estelle and Layla are talking in the backyard. Estelle says that Benjamin feels as if Layla is acting differently toward him. Michael goes to the diary room to chat to Big Brother about the army style talk going on between Layla and Estelle he had overheard. He says that Benjamin and Stacey, and anyone that is involved with Benjamin and Stacey are being targeted.

Michael and Benjamin are in the bedroom trying to understand why Layla has turned against Benjamin.

Sonia’s back on stage and reveals that next week’s task will see housemates ‘Ignoring the Obvious’, a failed task from season 8 which has been successfully pulled off many times in Big Brother UK in the past. Not only this, but family members will also NOMINATE on the housemate’s behalf.

Sonia throws to Mike Goldman who is chatting to Benjamin’s mum, Estelle’s friend Lisa and Layla’s father in the audience.

A package leads us into the ad break summing up nominations for Zoe, Benjamin and Layla.

Ad break.

And we’re back and recapping nominations for Angie, Estelle and Sam.

More house action. Zoe is called to the diary room where Big Brother is giving Zoe control of her housemates using a special remote control. Zoe can pause, rewind and mute her fellow housemates.

Stacey has been called to the naughty corner for singing inappropriate songs. She must apply clown makeup to herself, and wear it until further notice. Big Brother informs Stacey that he is now satisfied, and she crawls into the bedroom to scare Layla, who has an irrational fear of clowns.

We’re back in the auditorium, and Mike Goldman is again in the audience to talk to Michael’s brother, Angie’s mother, Stacey’s boyfriend Grant, and Zoe’s mum Lyn.

Ad break.

We’re back and Sonia crosses to the house. She reveals that there won’t be a double eviction tonight. The first housemate safe tonight is LAYLA. The other housemate safe tonight is BENJAMIN. And the third housemate safe tonight is SAM.

Ad break.

Angie, Estelle and Zoe are in danger, and Sonia now crosses to the house.

After receiving the least number of votes to save them, it’s time to go… ANGIE.

Angie and all housemates rush to the portal door, and Angie leaves the house.

Angie now walks down the stairs and enters the auditorium.

Final SAVE voting statistics:

20.8% – Benjamin

10.6% – Angie

21.6% – Layla

11.4% – Sam

15.5% – Zoe

20.1% – Estelle

We’re shown a package of the tensions around Angie.

Sonia now throws to a package of the times where Angie would explode into a big temper tantrum.

Angie admits she’s a firecracker and that she is argumentative in real life.

Now it’s time for a recap of the Layla Vs. Angie argument. Great stuff. Angie is trying to look away and hide herself. Angie says that they are both aware that the footage from that argument would be replayed many times and they would definitely see it once they leave the house.

Sonia teases the nominations super power to lead us into the commercial break.

Time for Angie’s KFC TOP 3 ‘SO GOOD’ MOMENTS:

#3 – ‘Rebuffing Bradley… or not’

#2 – ‘Sweet times with Layla’

#3 – ‘Angie and Layla explode!’

Angie has decided to give the nominations super power to LAYLA. This is the last ever nominations super power for the last ever nominations.

We look at Angie’s best bits and the show ends. The show ends with Angie’s mother on stage, meeting for the first time since Angie had been evicted.

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Ciao for now!