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Dramatic text with desaturated footage and crazy shapes on the screen. The colour scheme is red, which can only mean one thing… it’s another BIG BROTHER EVICTION!

Sonia’s out! She says it has been an “explosive” week, they said that last week – so “explosive” is just normal.

Facebook voting has just closed, and it’s time to catch up with a reflection of this week in the Big Brother house. You’ve seen the episodes or read the recaps, so I don’t need to tell you each bit.

House action time! Bradley has decided that there is now a ‘bi couple’ and ‘lesbian couple’ now in the Big Brother house.

Stacey and Ava have a little bit of a sitch. Stacey was saying that because of Ava’s smaller body, she finds exercise easier. Ava keeps snapping, “NO IT’S NOT, NO IT’S NOT BABES”. Ava has become Estelle’s minion. Stacey is getting a bit grumpy about it because she was just trying to start conversation with her. Clearly Ava has been changed by Estelle – or this is why they get along.

Angie is having some parting pressure, and in the bathroom gives words of encouragement with Layla – tears flow.

Voting lines have now closed.

Michael and Josh are in the kitchen feeding each other gravy. Zoe and Benjamin observe.

We are sent to the BBQ area, Ray is talking to George and Stacey about how to pick up a girl. George says that it’s so tough – and Ray agrees.

In the bedroom, Michael says to Angie “I can’t wait ’til Angie gets evicted. Angie suggests to Big Brother that he was talking about nom noms. Angie visits the diary room, Michael’s comment hit a raw nerve. Angie does not want to leave the house yet.

In the bedroom Ava does a performance for the housemates. We are shown shots of Angie in the backyard by herself, crying.

We reflect on who-nominated-who this week, and housemate conversations surrounding each person. Stacey says that its difficult for her to let him into her personal space. Zoe says he’s definitely playing the game.

Benjamin and George are in the backyard, George says that “there’s nothing hotter than a girl who can sing”.

Josh and Michael are sunbathing and talking about how uncomfortable they feel about visiting the gym, and that if he left – they’d be happier to go to the gym. Michael says that he’s sick of Ray dropping the weights loudly on the floor.

Big Brother Australia 2012 trivia night!

George’s score has continue to lower, he’s not dealing with it very well, on a score of 0. George snaps his chalkboard in anger. George lost, and is now Michael’s slave for the rest of the evening.

Big Brother calls all housemates to the diary room as a result of George destroying the chalk board. The pool and gym are now out of bounds for 24 hours. Stacey yells out “but what about Ray’s guns!” sarcastically. Big Brother says “if you want to act like children, you will be treated like children”. Big Brother is NOT impressed.

It’s time to chat to the house live.

Sonia straight out asks Estelle “second time being nominated, don’t you think they’re trying to tell you something?”. Angie says she is mentally prepared.

It’s time for the announcement. Safe housemate tonight is: ANGIE! This means that either Estelle or Ray will be evicted from the Dreamworld bungalow. At this point, I have a feeling that it’ll be Estelle kicked out considering the 50% voting percentage for Ray to SAVE last week. We’ll find out in a moment, you’ll see that in the next paragraph, so spoiler alert – continuing to read will reveal the evictee.

Sonia’s back! Time to tell the house who is out. Cue the dramatic music. It’s time to go…RAY! I didn’t expect that, but I’m happy. Ray leaves the house, and the doors close properly this time! Ray is now out on stage, high-fiving people at the edge of the catwalk.

SAVE voting percentages.

46% – Angie

26% – Ray

29% – Estelle

Ray alleges that Benjamin could hear Ray nominating through the chamber. Looks like this chamber for nominations isn’t working out too well because it’s not totally soundproofed.


Sonia suggests to Ray that she has noticed that Ray can be very intense. Ray focusses on the Tom Cruise name tag. Ray says that he’ll have many opportunities to make a lot of money as a result of being on Big Brother. We reflect of how annoying Ray is with a great compilation of everyone disliking Ray, and Ray’s cray outbursts.

Ray says that he thinks Benjamin is going to win Big Brother. Ray thinks that the girls were also pretty keen on him. No comment.

Ray has given the nominations Super Power to George – he may do something this week!

Time for Ray’s best bits. They’ll be viewable online somewhere.

Sonia reveals a male intruder is being delivered tomorrow night or Tuesday night. He’s bald.

That’s a wrap for tonights shock choc eviction.

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